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Сitizens’ grievances

French people representatives who were organized in the National Assembly firmly believed that neglect, contempt, or ignorance of man’s rights were the main causes of public calamities bringing about corruption in the government. They were therefore, determined to bring into effect a solemn declaration which was supposed to be unalienable, sacred and natural to the man rights.

This declaration was at all times supposed to be before the body of the social members in order to constantly remind them of their duties and rights; so that the legislative power acts together with the powers of the executive may be compared at all times with the purposes and the objects of all political establishments and thus the declaration had to be respected.

Finally, for all the citizens’ grievances to be based upon incontestable and simple principles there will be propensity of maintaining the constitution which will in turn bring happiness to each and every citizen . Significance of the declaration of the rights of man Feudalism was abolished which ink turn meant that the special rights which were being enjoyed by the privileged persons were done away with. The general system of demanding money from peasantry by either seigneurial or feudal right was also abolished and was in fact the greatest achievement of the revolution.

In an attempt to pass legislation which was meant to pacify the growing unrest among the peasants, the deputies who were included in the national assembly surrendered a lot of privileges in the spirit of collective enthusiasm, by default therefore, the thought of a society in which all the people enjoyed equal rights was established thereby replacing the hierarchy order. It is this new society of equal rights that was in 1789 codified by the declaration which stipulated the rights of men and indeed all the citizens.

There are two significant reservations that are notable in the process of liberating the peasants. One of them was the fact the peasantry feudalism financial burdens were scrapped. Dues, fees, rents which were normally claimed by the feudal authorities were subsequently redeemed in return for a sum of money that was equivalent to payments of twenty five years. Through this, the national assembly was able to adequately protect the private property principle . The other reservation in the declaration was not really comprehensive in the light of human rights.

Despite the fact that it rendered all citizens as equals in the eyes of the law, it had the tendency of maintaining a central role for the state power in the issue of determination of law, sovereignty origin which was not enshrined by the people but by the an abstract nation. As the new systems political institutions came up in the following years, they were specifically structured to explicitly exclude the poor and the women. The structures were also designed to restore the social stability of France which had greatly been challenged by events of 1789 .

Initially, the declaration was understood to appreciate majority of the human rights to belong only to men and thus it failed to give any rights to the women, the declaration was also incapable of doing away with slavery and thus the rights of blacks together with those of women were not incorporated in the declaration. Compared with the bill of human rights of the United States of America the France declaration had a lot of weaknesses regarding to freedom of association and religion. This made the women to present to the national assembly a petition through which they proposed to be granted equal rights as men.

The failure of the declaration to incorporate women, blacks and also its failure to abolish slavery led to its objection by Olympe de Gouges in the year 1791 in her female citizen and also in her rights of women declaration. The women of France were finally granted equality in 1946 when a new constitution was adopted . The women and the blacks were denied the right of citizenship since they were discriminated against due to their culture and physical characteristics. The poor were also discriminated against since wealth was considered to be a very crucial factor in determining if one is to become a French citizen or not.

This was contrary to the spirit of the 1789 declaration which was designed to liberate all French people and thus guarantee them with equality and human rights . The human rights as stipulated in United Nations indicate that everyone is born free with dignity and rights and since the human beings are endowed with the power of reasoning and conscience they should treat one another with the bother hood spirit. On the other hand the 1789 declaration of rights of men stipulates that although men are and should remain free it is possible to create social distinctions among humanity.

The human rights in the according to the United Nations are mainly based on natural justice while those in the 1789 declaration are based on law. At the same time the UN human rights refers to all human beings whereas in the French declaration they refer to men . Conclusion The 1789 declaration of rights of the rights of man was a great achievement that presented an opportunity of addressing the historical injustices that had been committed to the women, peasants, slaves and other minorities within France.

However, not all its intentions were achieved as equality for all was not realized in the new society which had subsequently emerged. Work cited: Forrest, Alan I. ; the French Revolution (1995): Blackwell, ISBN 0631181075. Citino, Robert Michael; the German way of war: from the Thirty Years’ War to the Third Reich (2005): University Press of Kansas, ISBN 0700614109. Connelly, Owen; the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era (1999): Harcourt College Publishers, ISBN 0155078666. Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N. , Grandin, Greg, Hunt, Lynn & Young, Marilyn B. ; Human rights and revolutions (2007): Rowman & Littlefield, ISBN 0742555143.

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