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Love and peace

Allen Ginsberg’s `Howl` is an exceptional poem that is striking and disturbing at the same time. The world of Ginsberg is a predominantly gothic environment without the aristocratic polish that is the significance of all gothic forms. This is a world where the demons of modernity along with its substantial evil forms induced by market economy drives the society with grim and sufferings.

This is a world without love or compassion where the concept of fear is dissolved with the perspective of mere existence. This world is a juxtaposing entity of physical and metaphysical existence where “”with dreams, with drugs, with waking nightmares, alcohol and cock and endless balls” (Ginsberg, 1) the world searches for love and peace.

It cannot be determined that whether Ginsberg is accurate or is he using hyperbole because the form of this poem allows him to drift with the momentum of the poem that incarnates with edges of truth and lies. Thus the poem is channeled through the parameters of feeling where the individual essence of existence becomes the prime objective and it results in a completely dissolved phenomenon where the concept of illusion and reality seize to exist. Thus the allegation of using hyperbole becomes completely insignificant.

In the same manner Ginsberg’s postmodern beliefs combines fiction and nonfiction, multiculturalism and everything results in the experimentation of a new form of poetry where the central theme is not fixed but wanders over a spectrum of imageries and themes. It could be mentioned that it is Ginsberg’s belief that a poem is not about a narration but a piece of cognitive thought process and thus the poet formulates his poem ‘Howl’ in that specific manner.


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