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Corporate capitalism

Looking at it, corporate capitalism can be blamed for being involved directly or indirectly in the sating of waste plants both in the domestic and international level. This can be argued as a setback and problematic nature of the term as it provides such scenarios and allows the wastage and destruction of natural resources which is supplemental to life. Their role primarily involves either the malpractices committed against the environment in their overall pursuit for income and profit or their direct involvement in the creation of policies towards such manifestations.

Such actions then results to the creation of new patterns that affect not only the local or national sphere but also become a global problem. (2) Seeing these instances, environmental racism is an instance not only observable in the United States. As the trend of globalization and interdependence allows boundaries to be limited, it creates foundation for the alienation and prejudice among other countries as well (Advameg, 2007).

Since there has been a shift of ownership from native or traditional farmers towards corporate conglomerates, it provides a subjective and preferential goal that harness and fosters unequal dealings that seek to legitimize their initiatives while taking little consideration of the needs of farmers and owners. (3) With this idea, it is essential that policy building be centered on combating the idea of global environmental racism. Under this process, effective frameworks must be established to further understand the concept and is relevant impact among societies.

The values of equity and distribution must also circumvent in these proposals as it requires a collaborative effort among policy makers and concerned groups (Advameg, 2007). The viability and effectiveness of the practice should be centered on equating an ample formula to sustain, create and look for new ways to enhance the discipline. Thus, by creating significant research and studies can cultivate the areas and parameters that may require change.


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