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A Good Theory

Virtue ethics’ main concern is the development of one’s moral character and habits. It focuses on one’s personality specifically on how one “ought to be”. It cites an existence of an excellent person possessing great virtues. The theory is principally concerned on the how one should become. So, it deals much with the outcomes of the person’s character and not only on the intentions, though a person’s vice, habits and nature affects much of his virtues. Rachel mentioned some opposing ideas on the virtue ethics which comprises our social, moral and emotional aspect of life.

A person will acquire a superior character through constant practice and making his deeds a habit. And by this, a good habit of one can affect the building up of an ideal society. Though it is stated that one could not achieve the state of absolute character perfection because of the different perspectives and subjectivities among people of different culture, tradition and religion, philosophers attempted to separate virtues from vice which helped them overcome the said flaws.

Virtue ethics as a good theory filled up the impartialities that appeared on the other theories of morality. For instance, a person’s emotion affects one’s virtue through sudden changes on character, but virtue ethics still focuses not on the acts but on one’s personality. Thus, one can still justify himself when virtue is at hand. The ethics of virtue as a theory is an excellent help in studying moral philosophy. It determines a good concept of morality and superior society building.

And for one, this theory can be used in various aspects of life, specifically physical, mental, intellectual and social aspects. Thus, we can conclude that there are different aspects of virtues based on different features of one’s life. Generally, the theory on ethics of virtue is necessary in moral philosophy.

Reference: Rachels, James. The Elements of Moral Philosophy. 4th edition ed: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2002.

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