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A Journal on “I am Waiting”

The main thesis of the author, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in his poem, I am Waiting, is that America has deteriorated into a tumultuous country and that he, like most of the American people, are waiting for the country to change. Basically, the author stated in his poem that he longs for the day that America regains its former glory and the day that it stops engaging in meaningless wars. Throughout the entire poem, the word “waiting” is used so it is very obvious that the piece is about someone waiting for something to happen.

However, the author also cited several American historical contexts and symbols to depict what exactly he is waiting for. The first context he described was the American Eagle, which is the national emblem of the United states that symbolized freedom. In the poem, he said that he is waiting for the American Eagle to “really spread its wings and straighten up and fly right. ” Based on the line, the author implied that America is not heading towards the right direction and he is waiting for it to change its course.

Moreover, based on several lines in the poem, the author also dreams of a serious moral change in America as shown in his use of phrases such as “waiting for the Salvation Army,” and “waiting for them to prove that God is American. ” However, the main desire of the author was for America, as well as the other countries, to cease its wars as shown in the line “I am waiting for Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) to grow live arms at a final disarmament conference.

” Although the reading was a poem, his arguments and main points are very convincing as it illustrates what America is today— a country that is full of political tension and torn by countless wars. I also share his desire to someday see the country free from its present problems. In other words, like Lawrence Ferlinghetti, I, too, am waiting for the day that I see America reborn into a peaceful, progressive, and united country.

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