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A Poisonous Organic

Organic chemical compounds are any chemicals that belong to a large class of chemical compounds whose molecules contain at least one carbon. Not all organic compounds are friendly to be consumed because some are poisonous or are containing health hazards. Nitrobenzene which has the chemical formula of C6H5NO2 is a very poisonous and flammable liquid compound. It appears to be in pale yellow with aroma like that of bitter almonds. It is also called as nitrobenzol or oil of mirbane. Nitrobenzene has a melting point at 5.

85 degrees Celsius, boiling point at 210. 9 degrees Celsius and has only a slight solubility in water but very soluble in ether, benzene and ethanol. Nitrobenzene can be prepared through treating benzene with sulfuric and nitric acids which will result to nitration reaction: one hydrogen atom of benzene molecule is replaced with a nitro group, NO2 (nitrogen oxide). Although nitrobenzene is poisonous, it has various scientific and commercial uses such as it is a major component in the production of aniline which is commercially the most important amine.

Aniline is produced by heating nitrobenzene with iron and diluting hydrochloric acid; the resulting anilinium chloride is reacted with sodium carbonate to release the aniline. Another use of nitrobenzene is on the production of the analgesic acetaminophen or what we know the paracetamol. It is also used in making shoe polishes, floor polishes and paint solvents. As an industrial chemical, it is also used in producing lubricating oils that are used in machineries. Nitrobenzene is also used in small amounts in manufacturing dyes, drugs, pesticides, and synthetic rubber (ATSDR, 1997, p. 1).

Nitrobenzene was used before as an inexpensive perfume for cosmetics and soaps but is now unpopular to be used as such because it is now considered hazardous and toxic for skin application (Columbia Encyclopedia, 2007). Nitrobenzene is mainly used as an intermediate in producing other chemicals and this poisonous organic compound becomes very useful when reacted with other chemical compounds. References Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. (1999, July). Nitrobenzene. Retrieved March 16, 2009, from http://www. bestessaytips. com/pdf/APA. pdf The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. (2007). New York: Columbia University Press.

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