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A reorganization of the data

The physical appearances were first categorized into color, physical features, and smell. The solubility was also divided into the different solvents; and each solvent had 2 columns, one for whether the solid was soluble or insoluble, and the other for the features of the resulting solution/mixture. The latter includes whether the resulting solution changed color, or whether the solid formed a colloid-like mixture or just separated, as well as other features such as smell or notable dissolution times.

The solids themselves were then arranged. First the solids were arranged with respect to color; white being the first as it was the most common, followed by off-white, then red, yellow, and so on. The resulting color groups were then arranged by solubility by the order of the solvents. This arrangement was established to efficiently identify one of the given solutes once they were presented as unknown solids. 2) Explain why this rearrangement makes the tables easier to use as a tool in identifying the unknown samples.

The table was arranged with easy identification in mind, following a step-by-step elimination process that would give the desired results. This way, one does not need to check every single property of the unknown substance against the table, as this way it is possible to identify the substance in any of the process steps. The process flows from left to right, checking the properties of the unknown solid column after column.

The first attribute that one notice when analyzing an unknown substance is its physical appearance, and color is one very striking physical feature, thus the first arrangement. For instance, if the substance is yellow, then one does not need to check the other properties to determine that the solid is Flores Martis. Thus the simple process of elimination is employed in this arrangement, and if the experiment is executed basing left-to-right arrangement of the columns, the table will prove to not only be an easy way to identify solids, but also a more efficient way.

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