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A Rose for Emily

Freewrite The short story “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner depicts the troubled state of mind of the protagonist, Miss Emily Grierson. The story opens with the death of Miss Emily and it is through the conversation of the people who have gathered for the funeral of Emily that we come to know about Emily and her past life. Emily was a kind of person who avoided any sort of interaction with the other members of the society in which she was leading her life. The opening words of the narrator of the story point towards the recluse life led by Emily. “When Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to the funeral…..

which no one save an old manservant – a combined gardener and cook – had seen in at least ten years. ” (Faulkner 5). The manner in which Emily reacts to the death of her father brings forth her dependency on her father and her inability to cope with the crisis in her life. In the face of crisis, she loses control of herself and behaves in a deviant manner. After the death of her father, Emily’s liking for Homer Barron shows her desire to liberate herself from her past, “her affair with the fun-loving, dynamic Homer unquestionably symbolizes her desire to live and escape the clutches of the dead past.

” (Volpe 102). But Emily’s relation with Homer fails to end in a manner which was envisioned by Emily. With the disappearance of Homer, Emily returns to her life of a recluse. It is only at the end of the story that the reader comes to know that Emily had not only killed Homer but also slept beside his corpse till the end of her life. Emily aimed to protect her life from the changes that were taking place in her society. “Emily’s feeling of loss and deprivation and her fear of change-change that may take away what little she has left-account for some of her reactions.

” (Skei 164). Emily had expected that Homer would propose her but when he failed to do so, she kills him and keeps his body near to her in an attempt to save her life from being changed. Works Cited Faulkner, William. A Rose for Emily. Dramatic Publishing. 1983. Skei, Hans. Reading Faulkner’s Best Short Stories. Univ of South Carolina Press. 1999. Volpe, Edmond. A reader’s guide to William Faulkner: the short stories. Syracuse University Press. 2004.

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