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A social revolution of the late 80s and early 90s,

1. Grunge became a social revolution of the late 80s and early 90s, mostly due to the whole new approach to music, and eventually, fashion as defined by main stram rock bands during the decade. Musically, Grunge broke in to the hearts of the angst driven youth through its unconventional sound, tampo, and tuning (Kitts, Tolinski, & Steinblatt, 1). This pehnomenon of what appears to be nothing but noise was inclined more on emotional intensity rather than the technical proficiency of 80s rock (Kitts, Tolinski, & Steinblatt, 1).

Similar to the Punk and New Wave revolution of the late 1970s and early 80s, grunge also spawned a fashion statement wherein flannel shirts matched with torn denim trousers and messy hair are prevalent (Browne & Browne, 349). In a social and political context, Grunge music is notable for its angst driven lyrical content, imainly due to the social conditions and differences of the time (Kitts, Tolinski, & Steinblatt, 4). 2.

Rock music always go hand in hand with the culture it brings, in this sense, the identity of rock as a fashion statement will always come with the social and/or political message it grieves out. Rock concerns the attitude as present in its lyrics and style, regardless of what subgenre may be revived or innovated in the 25th century, Rock music will still be synonymous with fashion and politcal standpoint. Take the case of the Grunge outbreak and the Punk New Wave revolution, wherein fashion, and political /social agenda are part of the upheaval (Browne & Browne, 349).

3. The youth has always been rebellious to the society which they belong to, since adolescence is a delicate and confusing stage, young people most of the time feel bound by the very laws of society that guide them. Given such an ordeal, young people will then turn to rock music which apparently concurs to their emotional state serving as their voices against the suffocating restrictions of life. It is in this context that rock is not an art form exclusively for the youth, the youth chooses to listen to rock, because of the nature of adolescence.

However rock musicians do not address all their compositions to youth angst and teenage apathy. There are songs that express resentment over political issues and environmental abuse which are more adult-oriented (Browne & Browne, 350).

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