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A survey is a kind of census

A survey is a kind of census document that collates facts / pieces of information, on the basis of which, patterns and trends related to customer experience are analyzed. Conditions for a survey are : – Answer the objectives – Be unbiased and accurate – Be generalizable – Be ethical – Be economical The objective of surveying is to make measurements that are both precise and accurate. We have with us a review of 3 surveys : 1. THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA GRADUATE SCHOOL SATISFACTION SURVEY

This survey deserves a No. 3 Good : The tabulated question format for the survey appears neat, structured, and more classification as VS, S, NS, U, and VU Bad : The information collected does not give a true and accurate picture within the survey. The last option of question. 1 is a little subjective and the participant is asked to give a description of what suits him / her best.

The questions could have been designed in a logical sequence and manner. 2. Graduate School Satisfaction Survey This survey deserves a No. 1 Good : Question No’s 2 and 3 make meaningful sense. The questions carry the right meaning and content for the management to act on the feedback received.

Bad : Question No’s 9 and 10 are descriptive. The survey is always intended to be objective and accurate. In such a case making an inference is difficult. This survey is clear, readable and likely to receive a better response rate when compared to the other two surveys. 3. ROLL TIDE ROLL This survey deserves a No. 3 Good: Introduction to doing the survey Bad: The questions are not specific. They are a broad categorization of questions. The questions are simple and do not capture a value based impact in terms of customer experience.a

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