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A video store’s database

A video store’s database can consist of data pertaining to customer information, list of videos available in the store and the rental history of each. All these sets of data are stored in different files. A file is essentially a collection of two or more records. Similarly, a record is basically a collection of fields (Glossary of Terms). For instance, a file containing customer data will have fields such as customer’s name, membership ID, membership status, payment history, address, zip code, phone number, email address and credit card information. Hence, this indicates that the aforementioned file consists of nine fields.

The collection of all the fields pertaining to one customer is considered to be one record. So, if the video store has 300 members, then this file will consist of 300 records. The store will also have a file consisting of videos owned by it. This file will consist of fields such as movie name, identification number, genre, Year of release, language, number of copies available, media format, cost, rental history and availability status. The media format field can either be a DVD or VHS tape in the case of older movies. The availability status of the movie would be the most frequently accessed field, when helping out customers.

The ‘rental history’ field would indicate the popularity of a movie and a record in this database will reveal the all the details pertaining to a particular movie. Both the customer file and movie file can be linked to each other in the database to carry out analyses such determining the genre interests of top renters. This would help the store to acquire more movies of that genre and thereby increase the overall number of rentals.


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