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A World with No Conflict

Let us enter the home of a typical American family, in a typical Saturday morning. The first thing we notice is the buzz of early morning news on television: it is Worship day, and the community is invited to church for a morning service, to thank the Lord for all the blessings he bestowed.

Then, the news anchor moves on to the story of John Jones, the man who saved an old lady from certain death in a fire; after the Jones story the anchor reveals more interesting, positive news, such as the opening of a bake sale, the discovery of a dinosaur bones, an eclipse, and the launching of a medical mission by the United States of America for developing countries in Asia. After focusing on the television, we now notice the family in the dining room, gathered around for breakfast.

This family is loud, with three kids and two adolescents talking all at once, eager to give their piece of mind to their parents, who sit with their attention divided among the five. They are discussing where to spend the summer vacation, and each offspring has a suggestion about a venue he or she believes is perfect, respectively. Careful not to side with anyone, the parents ultimately decide that their suggestion is the most valid and most ideal for all.

This silences the kids, but only for a second; the discussion moves on to determining summer activities, and the same noise- five voices of five eager kids – can be heard all throughout the house. This is one typical scene in my Utopia, in my ideal world. First off, spirituality is given top priority; worshipping God should be the first item on the list. The early morning news revealing a Saturday morning service is an indication that spirituality is given a space in mainstream media. Second, conflict is a word unknown to my world.

The news stories do not reveal a war in Iraq, or the politicking of liberals and democrats; all the stories instead reveal good deeds, such as saving lives and launching medical missions, and interesting facts about life, such as an eclipse, or the discovery of dinosaur bones. My ideal world is centered on God, and by being so, this world is absent of conflict. God and spirituality, when properly internalized and translated into action, and further incorporated into the American lifestyle, could shape this kind of world.

There is no need to fight, no need for war, and no need for politicking. The upright religious convictions and spirituality of each person will prompt him to act in a manner that is not only just, but morally perfect. Therefore, since every person’s action will be guided by his or her spirituality and belief in the teachings of God, all the actions are positive and are in parallel with each other; all actions are for the greater good of mankind, and for the greater good of spirituality. This world can be achieved by first acknowledging the fact that communities need spiritual guidance.

Without the help of the Almighty, mankind is doomed to live meaningless lives. As such, it would be wise to start with the basic unit of society: the family. With the teachings of the church as a set of guidelines to a meaningful life, an American family may start sustaining phenomenal changes in their lives. All the sins of the world will fade away, and in its place, impeccable virtues will stand pure and brilliant. With God as the center of every American family, entire communities will grow in love and selflessness. With God as the center of the American nation, it can never ever go wrong.

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