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About English

I am really glad that I chose Hartford ELI to study more about English. The institute is one enlightened path towards a brighter future for me. Studying the English language there for a year has been one great and enjoyable experience for me. The said program offered by University of Hartford provided me a comprehensive academic program designed for international students whose primary language is not English. The program made a total improvement on my English skills, My educational experience there had taught me to achieve greater proficiency in understanding, reading, writing and speaking English.

It also offers wider academic resources and opportunities that will deepen my expertise and broaden my perspectives about English. Moreover, professors who are also language experts was able to help me hone my skills in this field which I have yet to encounter. I was able to overcome problems involving shame which made me loose my confidence before. Because of the tutorial session and other educational activities, I have learned the language Easily. There are lessons focusing oral/aural skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammar usage, and writing skills development.

I also learned necessary background about the United States academic protocols and American culture. This gave me more realizations and tips in dealing with other people while using the English language. By being an ELI student, I was able to participate in a variety of activities in order to learn English faster by actively using the language every now and then. The absence of my self esteem is changed because of ELI. The program has helped me recover from humiliation for being ignorant of the universal language. I also believe that this program has brought me closer to my goals and has brightened my previously bleak future.

Long before I undergo the program offered by Hartford ELI, I was the kind of person who found it hard to deal with others. I was always reluctant to talk with other people. Since I came from the Middle East, starting a conversation especially with people from other races is a big no-no for me due to my fears of being ridiculed by the so called racists. There are other cultures who humiliate Arabs because of our thick accent. People prefer to talk to those who know how to speak American English well. But the program made me an exemption from those foreigners who have thick accents.

My language is really improved because of ELI. Learning to speak, read, and write using the English language for one year has been a fun-filled and exhilarating experience for me. At first, it was an awkward experience to be in Hartford ELI, as I was surrounded by people who speak good English. Fearing that I would be mocked for my thick accent and wrong grammar, I did not speak too often. And whenever I had to respond to others, it was like I was being judged by the words that I uttered. I can see from their expressions that they were finding it hard to understand me. It was really embarrassing.

I had no confidence at all. I always ended up speaking nothing at all just to avoid being humiliated. Because of my low self-esteem and fear of humiliating myself in front of others, I found it difficult to socialize with others. My shame almost ate me all over. Since I take everything as a challenge and I am an optimistic person, I tried to put aside my shame and focused on getting better in English. With the institute’s comprehensive academic program, I was able to improve my skills in English. I was also able to reduce my thick accent and become more confident in conversing with others in English.

The institute has wide academic resources that aid my needs as an international student. The instructors have also helped me hone not only communication skills but my reading, comprehension, and writing skills as well. Watching English movies and TV shows have also helped me polish my conversational English skills. I was motivated by the fact that in order to enjoy watching those shows, I needed to understand and learn more about English. There are other students like me who share the same feelings of shame at ELI. They also have their own ways of dealing with it.

Some find it hard to overcome their shame and continue to dwell in the darkness of shame. But the encouragement of our mentors to come out in the open and tell the world we can speak good English because of ELI has given us motivation and strength. Events such as social gatherings and field trips allowed me to converse with other international students. My interaction with them is the most enjoyable part. I realized that I was not the only one who has embarrassing experiences in conversing in English. Because of this, my shame slowly faded until I didn’t feel it anymore. Plus, I gained new friends, and they helped me overcome my shame.

Although we came from different countries, races and culture, one thing has bound us together—our eagerness to learn how to speak good English. English is really a difficult language to learn. But I am proud to say that I was able to learn the basics of the language because of ELI. The tutorial sessions and the computer-assisted language learning made me lose my shame. The said lessons have eased the transition from studying one’s native language to using English in all my academic subjects. At ELI, there is also a discussion made about the United States academic protocols and American culture.

This made me aware that being an Arab is never a hindrance for a person who wishes to learn about the English language. I am proud to be an ELI student. Through this institute, I was able to actively participate in various activities. With confidence, I can now initiate conversation and approach strangers. I am now not ashamed of loving and learning the English language. It was really hard adjusting to the environment and the people upon enrolling at ELI. I assumed that it will be a difficult experience for me since I am surrounded by people who are expecting much from me on English proficiency.

But I am more than willing to learn about English. I have cast away my shame and work hard towards absorbing every lesson given to me. Armed with my experiences in ELI, I am now into sharing what I have to other foreign students who want to learn English. Whenever I see one foreigner who wishes to learn English for the first time, I see my past self in him or her. I see how shy they are and how awkward they are during class discussions. At times like this, I believe that I must share what I have with them. Experienced international students like me can help new ELI students through motivation and guidance.

I am more than happy to assist foreign students like me who wish to improve become proficient in English. I can share with them my story when I was learning the language for the first time. In this way, I can cast out their shyness and convert it into a courageous feeling. I can also motivate them by showing confidence while talking to others using the English language. With this, I will become a role model for them and encourage them to emulate my example. The group activities are also a significant experience for international students that can allow the newcomers to socialize with them.

Through these activities, no one will be left behind. These activities can also promote social equality and respect in all races, ease out the tension, and in effect, make the learning process more enjoyable. I will also encourage new learners of the language to follow my technique by watching English programs and movies. Learning through observation is a good way to develop one’s communication skills in English. I will befriend the new learners of English and advise them to observe how I put my learning into practice. In addition, I will help them self-study by sparing my free time in tutoring them.

In turn, I will be able to learn about various cultures and share this kind of multicultural learning experience while striving to become better English speakers and writers. I will also give them a vision of what awaits them in the future from learning English. This way the shame will be diminished and at the same time it will make them feel excited of learning about English even more. Learning is freedom best enjoyed by everyone regardless of what country he or she came from. This is one way of uniting the world by learning one language, a language that is best and easily understood—English.

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