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Acquiring Knowledge

Knowledge is a vital element in the development of an individual. Knowledge equips an individual with the ability to understand a situation, an idea or phenomenon. Knowledge embodies the different ideas and principles discovered and presented by man in his whole existence. A person continues to acquire knowledge as long as an idea is presented to him and he is capable of processing and learning that certain idea. Man acquired principles and ideas through various ways, the most popular of which is through education. Education plays a big part in man’s acquisition of the knowledge.

The process of education is carried out with the guidance of the pedagogical institution administrators and faculty staff. Teachers, mentors, and professor pass on the knowledge to students through several of methods and techniques. All of these constitute the formal way of learning. However, there are other ways of acquiring knowledge. These methods involve the informal ways of learning which most people are not consciously aware of, as they tend to use them in everyday life. Yet, many of them fail to recognize that they are already learning through that method.

For instance, observing a demonstration of how an appliance works in a department store is an informal way of learning. With the vastness of the universe, there are many things that people can study and learn, such as foreign languages, ethnic food, and fishing. How does a person acquire knowledge about these topics? A person can learn foreign language in various schools where mastery of the language being taught is given emphasis. People can also learn a foreign language through immersion, interaction, and participation with people who use it as their first language.

For example, when a person lives in a foreign country, he or she may acquire the customs and traditions of that country, as well as its language through interacting with its people. Knowledge about ethnic food and fishing can be acquired through observation. It is not easy to prepare an ethnic dish without observing another person doing it. Observation is a vital method in learning. It involves watching how things work and how a job is done. Similarly, in the case of fishing, a person has to observe first to learn the basics.

Once he or she is equipped with the right knowledge and basic skills, he or she can put those skills into practice. The unconventional methods of learning are very important. Although people can acquire knowledge that is critical for survival through experts such as teachers in school, the knowledge that is essential to life can also learned through life experiences. The other ways of knowing is important. People can learn things outside the walls of the classroom, and eventually, these things will come in handy.

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