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Admission Essay

I have firmly decided to pursue Architecture in UCLA because I want to help in building shelters for the poor. It is beyond doubt that thousands of poor families are patiently living in a low quality shelters. Some residential areas are seemingly lacking of dignity because of the conditions of the houses. These are undeniably causing a hazardous and violent environment for the occupants. By earning enough knowledge and skills in Architecture, I believe that I can be part of the team that is dedicated to provide decent housing to the less fortunate people in the society.

I am aware that my dream is too ideal and arduous. However, I believe that through the guidance of a respectable school and supervision of Professor Ben J. Refuerzo, my insurmountable dream can be realized. Since childhood, I have been dreaming of becoming an architect. My dream has been greatly influenced by my interest in drawing and arts. Apart from that, I am fascinated by designs. As I mature, I realized that applying my talent in a useful ways would certainly give me satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

I always wanted to help the less fortunate in building their dream through designing a house that is decent and comfortable. However, with various factors that I have to consider, my dream for the less fortunate may hardly be realized. Hence, the expertise of Professor Ben J. Refuerzo is of great help. Initially, I have been longing for Professor Ben J. Refuerzo to be one of my mentors once I enter the school. I was actually inspired by his intelligence in design and dedication in work.

Apart from sharing his talent to his students, he also imparts his knowledge beyond what is contained in the curriculum. He has been admired for his studies that are helpful to different classes in the society. More importantly, his studies explore and prove the possibility of the impossible things in the field of architecture. By having inspired by his dedication and talent, I have firmly decided to pursue architecture in the University of California, Los Angeles.

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