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Admission Essay

My interest in pursuing Mathematics in college has been influenced by several factors. Basically, since childhood, I had been fascinated with numbers and formulas. I had been excelling in my math subject and it was quite so easy for me to understand the principles of every computation. Apart from that, most members in the family are graduates of math-related professions which influenced me to take also similar career. Aside from that, I am considering my father’s advice which is to invest on my knowledge and skills because it will ensure my success.

More importantly, I want to maximize my skills to its full potential. In enrolling Mathematics, I have considered my future career. Undeniably, in everyday life, principles of mathematics are relevantly applied. As for me, I desired to enroll Mathematics in the undergraduate school because I want to enhance my skills and knowledge. I also believe a degree in Math has many applications in many respects. Notably, while I was in the secondary school, my classmates usually consult me for any problem that they find it difficult.

Since then, I imparted my time and effort in sharing my knowledge with them. I, then, offered tutorials every after school class. My experiences in high school have made me realize that I can effectively help others by using my knowledge and skills. It is of no doubt that a considerable number of students hate math because they find it difficult. As for me, I want to help those people by introducing math as an interesting subject. Furthermore, I decided to enhance my interest and knowledge in Mathematics in order to achieve my dream to be a (profession you want to practice).

I am aware that several adversities are present in college life. However, I am determined to pursue with my dream because, like math, the right answer can only be attained through right formula and correct computation. In life, several tests are waiting, but through determination and persistence, success will just easily be achieved. In my desire to finish a degree in math, I believe that I am fully prepared because I possess the right formulas which are values, knowledge and skills.

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