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Admittance to the M.ED

I am seeking admittance to the M. ED. program because I want to augment my already diverse skill set and take my career to the next level. I am taking this initiative because the components and the structure of the curriculum match my interests and aptitudes and because I have reached an important juncture in my career where I need additional academic skills to progress. This M. ED. program will allow me to become a more productive and well-rounded professional now and in the future. As you consider my admission into this fine program, I respectfully request that my undergraduate GPA be waived.

I believe any concerns you may have about my grades from two decades ago should be more than offset by my outstanding work history. My unwavering work ethic coupled with my vast professional experience have prepared me to be a stronger and more focused student. I firmly believe that I now possess the will, aptitude and desire to excel in this rigorous graduate program. For the past twenty years, I have been a successful, results-oriented manager. I am an amiable professional and my strengths include the ability to build strong teams and to thrive in challenging, dynamic environments.

I have always been passionate about providing the basic needs, facilitating self-help skills, and promoting areas of development for children. Within the last year, I have begun a journey to change my career path to Early Childhood Education. In pursuit of that goal, I successfully completed the Ninety Hour Certificate Program for childcare and the Forty-five Hour Infant / Toddler Development Course. I have extensive experience with substituting, and I am certified in CPR / AED and Basic First Aid.

I am employed at Roland Park Country Schools Little Bear Day Care Center. I have researched your unique program extensively and I believe it is the best fit for me at this pivotal juncture in my career. My career has evolved over the past twenty years, and an M. ED. will continue and benefit that progression. I have been successful in a variety of positions due to my natural aptitude, business acumen, and hard work. I look forward to sharing my ideas and experiences with the impressive set of professionals in your challenging program’s classes.

I am keenly interested in transforming my leadership and management skills into a more complete package as I seek this graduate degree. In pursuit of my M. ED. , I will continue to improve and hone my oral and written communication skills, as well as my management and teaching skills. I have a proven record of motivating team members to achieve goals, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and create positive learning environments. I am confident that I possess the intellect and the leadership skills to achieve admittance and success in this challenging M.

ED. Program. I have already developed a broad and diverse set of skills, but I am ready to embark upon this program to reach new heights in my professional career. I firmly believe that I am prepared to contribute to this program, and I look forward to augmenting my professional management career as I seek this fine degree. Please allow me to join this program and to contribute and effectively interact with your impressive group of distinguished faculty and your select group of teaching and education professionals. Thank you.

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