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Advantages & disadvantages of globalization

Globalization is a system by which the world is unified into one culture and function. It can be claimed that globalization supports productiveness, cultural intermingling and cash flow into creating nations; however, there are several drawbacks of globalization that should not be disregarded: unemployment, social degeneration and problem of competition. Globalization delivers escalating productiveness and lifestyle common for societies. Productiveness has increased as populations of the whole world are rising to satisfy the desire for goods and services.

The criteria of life is much better than it was 50 years ago as new devices are invented in developed countries. Cultural interaction via the internet has speed up globalization and eased communications. Other conventional behaviors are fading as boundaries are disappearing. Cultures that use globalization to their benefit have far more financial freedom and are more dominant than many others. Rich nations around the world can develop products more rapidly and have an impact on cultures, and technologic a lot easier.

The global community is becoming a lot less a where of social, moral and ethical values to defining groups. Globalization damages cultures which might be prone of becoming extinct. Globalization is progress growth that benefits a country that specializes and exchanges those products with other countries. Financial integration and free trade conditions have made an unstoppable movement toward financial globalization. Most economists applaud the development, pointing towards the modernization and escalating wealth.

Several countries have been forgotten or have even been harmed by globalization. The principal cause and result of globalization is international trade, which has expanded substantially. Trade expansion is usually been accompanied by greater economic development, even though not in all circumstances. Annual trade has normally established more work, the parallel advancement in competition has forced several firms to let go some employees as a way to “reduce expenditures, raise performance and increase gains leading to unemployment”, (Boatright, 2011).

Some less developed countries had to cope with this negative effect. China, which has experienced a robust economic growth in the last years, “has begun to struggle with unemployment, particularly in urban regions”, (Boatright, 2011). So it seems that globalization is usually accompanied by unfavorable facets. Another fact to consider when discussing globalization is income distribution. Experts suggest that the increase in trade concerning American and Asia has lessened cash flow inequality among skilled and semi-competent employees in the U.

S. While trade has enhanced the inequality between workers in Asia. This is due to exports from Asia and raising demand from customers for worker wages with only minimal skills and instruction. In the U. S. service and technologies industries pay top wages to highly skilled workers but minimal ages for semi-skilled labor. Over-all globalization has deepened inequalities in the Intercontinental distribution of revenue.

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