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Aftermath Of Third Partition Poland

From all the details available and all the acts that were performed in the partitioning of Poland, Russia is seen as the most significant of all the three partitioning powers. After the partitions, the country of Poland did not appear to exist until for about 123 years. The failure of uprising whereas gave birth to a modern political thought in the state; it on the other hand created drastic economic downturns in the market. The partition resulted in the division of the trade markets that were working joint hands together for centuries.

This division resulted in collapse of trade. Many of the manufacturing companies and banks faced this economic decline and were then closed. (Richard, p. 1, 2001) All the three partitioning powers started to fill their treasuries by implementing heavy taxes which were in turn affecting the local population living there. The schooling and the education system in these occupied territories were given very low importance because the governments made by the partitioning powers saw no good advantage in investing for educating the minorities living in those territories.

There was no more respect for polish culture and institutions. Most of the institutions even the entire schooling system was Germanized of its polish subjects that were being previously taught. The establishment of schools, institutions and universities became very difficult in the partitioned state. (Oskar, p. 205, 1978) The polish leaders and the people who would have supported the uprisings also faced immense difficulties after the partition. Their possessions and estates were taken off.

They lost their legal privileges, social status and their careers at the hands of the partitioning powers. Polish poets, writers, politicians, noble men, artists were forced to move out of the partitioned state. (Oskar, p. 206, 1978) The effects of the second and third partition had much more impact on the history of the state than the first one. The forces the partitioning powers had at that time were so powerful and strong that nothing could have saved the nation against them. Their separate forces were even four to five times superior to that of the state of Poland.

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