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Alice Munro: Abstract

Alice Munro’s “How I met my Husband” aptly demonstrates that love creates a spilt between reality and illusion. Edie, a fifteen year old, falls in love with a handsome pilot and is completely absorbed in her own world of love, far removed from the reality that exists around her. The reality is harsh if taken into account. Chris Watter, the pilot, is engaged-to-be married to Alice Kelling. But Edie is completely absorbed in a world of illusion created by her passionate feelings for her first love.

Lost in her thoughts of “…those little kisses, so soft…”(778), Edie remains oblivious to the existence of Kelling till she enters the scene chiding Edie for her relationship with Chris: “Girls like you are just nothing, they’re just public conveniences, just filthy little rags” (779). Munro successfully highlight the gap that emerges between reality and illusion when a person has his feelings involved in a situation. This passionate involvement of emotions can create a rift between want a person knows and what he wants to believe. After Chris leaves, Edie impatiently and religious waits for his letters and none arrive.

“I kept on going to get the mail, but my heart was heavy now like a lump of lead” (781). The situation gets more complex when the person intensely involved is a woman. Men might find the emotions and love of women “unintelligible” because women are “unfathomable” (McC aig, C15) objects to them but for a woman, her lover is the most important person in her life. The illusion also exists for Alice who doesn’t want to believe that Chris is commitment phobic and thus pursues him relentlessly. (Sutton, 108) In almost similar manner, the postman to whom Edie eventually gets married is also under an illusion.

He likes to believe that Edie used to wait for him everyday when in reality she would be waiting for Chris’ letters. Love can thus cloud judgment and cause split reality. The paper will discuss this split in detail. Works Cited: JoAnn McCaig. ‘Woman’: Useful Recognitions and Misrecognitions”. Reading In: Alice Munro’s Archives, pp. 63-79. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2002 Brian Sutton, “Munro’s ‘How I Met My Husband. ‘” Explicator 63, no. 2 (winter 2005): 107-10. Alice Munro “How I met my husband” Literature: in A Pocket Anthology (Penguin Academic Series) 3rd edition: Gwynn, R. S. ed. 2006

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