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American culture

The volatility of the economy would sound normal to economists and businessmen alike. But decades ago, such depression and collapses in the economy may not be happening as often as they are now because there was no reason at all for the economy to go down. Things were still developing back then, that is, pre-world war II era. One of the many developments that made the United States produce the strongest economy and the wealthiest people that they have now is because of its development of the industrial business. The existence of electricity has made billions of lives easier and it further helped in the strengthening of the country.

The usage of electricity was believed to have boomed in the World War I where the country experienced an overwhelming prosperity in its economy. The expanding use of electricity opened numerous opportunities to the Americans and to the world as well. The growth of the industry created to further developments that sooner gave more jobs to Americans. New appliances that are powered through the use of electricity were invented and the lives continued to improve. With these improvements came the rise of the United States as a country. Products and business continued to boom and the country is experiencing its all-time high in economy.

The boom in the electricity industry also prompted the U. S. government to invest in its war-related equipment. “The War Industries Board laid out a plan that would resolve its industrial priorities, resolved its prices and changed plans for the expectations of the Government needs (Reich, 1991, p. 322). ” The prosperity that the country experienced at the boom of the electricity directed the government to think ahead of the game. They invested in a lot of industries especially in wartime equipment—something that maybe they have perceived will somehow come.

These functions were sadly taken for granted in the next decades as the country suffered the Great Depression. 2. Discuss the influence of Franklin D. Roosevelt on not only the presidents who have followed him, but on the presidency itself. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is considered as one of the greatest politicians of all time. Although a lot may not agree to such statement, Roosevelt’s influence on politics and leadership is undeniable. He handled America during its toughest times—the peak of its economic depression and the Second World War. His leadership and policies made for the country eked its way out from collapsing.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had four terms. Each of which had a significant effect on the country’s history. FDR found himself in the brink of unstoppable mess when he was inaugurated. The country was experiencing the worst economy in years and his administration must do a lot of reformations and changes in order to get up from the slump where it was. FDR popularly made two deals which were later on collectively called as the New Deal. The deal contains a huge intervention of government in solving economic problems. “Organizations that are believed to play a pivotal role in the situation the country was in.

FDR created organizations such as CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and the CWA (Civilian Works Association). This first organization’s aim was to generate jobs for the masses while the latter’s mission was to build project works. These are all used up to now (Peterson, 1969, p. 357). ” However, FDR got the praise of the world come World War II. His exceptional handling of the country on such crucial time earned him the respect of all leaders. The end of the economic crash of the US ignited yet another trial for the president—world war. FDR always wanted to be isolated in the European War.

However, the attack at the Pearl Harbor led him to a policy which put the European and Pacific fronts in victory. His policies and agreements with the other countries were significantly considered as the key in ending the war. Although he also made decisions that irked the society, Franklin Roosevelt is a politician well-remembered and whose influence remains useful in the twenty-first century politics.


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