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American History

During the construction of the early Republic, it entails a scenario wherein individuals and factions who are considered most prominent during that time continue to argue and debate about the different aspects in running the country (constitution, state principles, etc). It is through their insights that helped paved the way for the creation of bi-partisan politics aimed at increasing responsibility and accountability among state leaders. One aspect that the debate focused on is the question whether the Constitution can be interpreted loosely.

Federalists like Washington and Hamilton argued in favor for that. This consideration is rooted on the diverse actions. Having a constitution that is loose, it can help necessitate appropriate interpretations and actions for every situation (CENGAGE 2006). On the other hand, Republicans such as Jefferson and Madison argued that the constitution be followed on the boundaries it promotes. This is to ensure that it will not be limited or encompass the elements it seeks to achieve or adhere to (CENGAGE, 2006).

At the same time, the application of urban commerce and manufacturing also became a primary concern. For Federalists, they believed that it is essential to promote this together with agriculture because it can help expand the American economy and cultivate its potential for growth. On the other hand, Republicans take a more conservative role in the process and argued that American society is still not ready for such tasks and the agricultural sector needs to be strengthened further before such facet applies (CENGAGE, 2006).

The last aspects of the debate include whether or not the common people should be entrusted by the government and views on the French revolution. On one hand, we see the Federalists argue against these because of the inability of the common people to address complex and vital issues in the state and the cause and success of the American Revolution is different from the ones exhibited by the French Revolution (CENGAGE, 2006).

On the other hand, Republicans believe that with proper instruction and information people can learn the process of managing the state. Likewise, the French Revolution served as an important facet of creating and paving the way for the development of American principles (CENGAGE, 2006). Reflecting on this debate, this policy debate resulted in the formulation and creation of an isolationist policy by the US. It is in here that the matter of foreign policy revolved around construction and development of the constitution.

Engagement in international affairs was strictly rooted mainly on ensuring that the American economy becomes stable. Such actions only include the creation of several distinct agreements primarily on trade. Reference CENGAGE (2006) Chapter 10: Launching the New Ship of State; 1789-1800. Retrieved July 27, 2009 from, http://college. cengage. com/history/us/kennedy/am_pageant_brief/6e/instructors/protected/irm/ch10. doc.

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