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American Policy of Invasion

The US policy of attacking other countries mainly on security reasons has indeed brought upon a worse situation. Evidence to this is clearly seen in its war on Iraq and Afghanistan. The war and the subsequent political development holds much at stake to the US, particularly when Al Queada and other terrorist organizations are already at war with US. When US backed political development occurs subsequent to the invasion, law and order problems, security and political chaos in the country heighten, increasing the burden and responsibility of the US.

The worst aspect of this invasion is that, despite such huge efforts, the US doesn’t have not got international endorsement for such actions. Except for a few NATO allies, most other countries are very explicit in their criticism of American response. Then, there are many other countries, which apparently support these actions but would not contribute to the US effort in terms of soldiers or funds. Apart from the thousands of American lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, till date; the funding of operations there are huge, given the economy back home.

From September 2001 to end fiscal 2007, the US has spent about $602 billion on military and anti-terrorist activities in Iraq and Afghanistan, apart from $2 billion in war-related benefits. The US has given Afghanistan about $4. 35 billion in 2005 for training its security forces, $931 million as regular aid in 2006 followed by a supplemental aid of $2. 1 billion. It is therefore not a surprise that this policy of attacking countries which haven’t attacked the U. S,; losing its support in the US at an increasing pace.

This military action has also brought dirt with it, with accusations of favored contracts, illegal and unethical activities, such as severe human rights violations. It is obvious that such policy resulted from 9/11, however; it is being increasingly felt that 9/11 should have reflected in regulation of domestic policies and intense external diplomacy, rather than a unilateral military action.


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