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An Ugly Room

The room is large and has 12 foot ceilings. From the doorway, one can see the length of the room. It is very eclectic in decor and makes you slightly dizzy. The floor is dark wood and very scarred with scratches and gouges. Some of the gouges are very deep and show the lighter wood underneath the top layer of stain. There is a dark stain in the right corner of floor and it has an ominous quality to it. The stain has scratch marks through it as if someone has tried to clean it and failed. There is a piece of carpeting thrown carelessly on the floor in front of you.

It was once beige but now is the indistinct color of neglect. As you walk further into the room, the sense of chaos increases. The wall to the right is painted olive green and seems to loom over a purple wingback chair set in front of it. There is a brocade footstool in front of the chair. It features a shepherdess and a lamb in gilded embroidery of maroon, blue and pink. Next to the chair is a wooden spool, the type used to carry telephone wire. It has been turned on its side to lay flat and covered with a cloth.

The cloth depicts snowmen riding reindeer on a red background. The lamp that sits atop the table has a clear glass base filled with stones. They are all neutral browns and beiges and fill the base to the top. The lampshade is of pink silk and has a delicate fringe around the edge. The effect would be funny if it weren’t so gaudy. The scatter rug in front of the chair is of braided rag and looks very out of place. The footstool sits on top of it and holds it into place. The opposite wall is painted orange. It is not a pumpkin orange but rather a bright sunset orange.

The French provincial furniture that sits in front of it consists of a chair and a sofa. Both are white with gold accents and gilded embroidered upholstery. They have thin legs and carved backs and arms. A stuffed parrot sits on the back of the sofa, looking out into nothing. The parrot is very shabby in comparison to the sofa. Behind the French furniture, pictures are attached to the wall. The largest picture is in the center and shows a bulldog in a green dealers visor and chewing a cigar, dealing cards to 5 other dogs. The picture is framed in dark carved wood.

The picture to the left of it is of two cupids. They have chubby faces and bodies and hold themselves aloft with tiny, feathered wings. Each holds a bow and arrow and wears a quiver on its back. Their big blue eyes and rosebud mouths are the picture of innocence, and yet it is morbidly out of place in this room. The picture to the right is not framed, but held in place with thumbtacks in each corner. It is a rock poster of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, complete with psychedelic background. The multicolored rays behind him blend with the walls.

The rug in front of the chair and sofa is a large bearskin complete with head. It was once completely white but someone has painted red, yellow, orange and green polka dots on it. It resembles a Twister game mat with a head and is visually revolting. The ceiling is covered in graffiti. Hundreds and hundreds of signatures, drawings and quotations cover the space. The graffiti is in every color and style imaginable and covers the ceiling from one end of the room to the other. It is quite a spectacle to behold . You can almost hear all that graffiti shouting at you.

The far end of the room has a large stone fireplace built into the wall. Half burnt logs lay in a heap inside it and a sooty trail climbs the front. The walls around the fireplace are robin egg blue and the only normal looking color in the room. This vision is soon spoiled by the window murals on either side of the fireplace. They are made to look like stained glass and are enclosed by dark red trim. There is no picture in the murals, just a jumble of purples, blues, red and white. Sitting in front of the fireplace is a leather chaise lounge. It is black and looks to be the newest thing in the room.

It has throw pillows in it of olive green, orange and robin egg blue, as if to try to bring the room together. The effect is hideous and the red and gold Chinese lanterns hung across the chimney make it worse instead of better. As you reach the end of the room and turn around, you notice the entrance where you came into the room. The entire wall surrounding the doorway is a life size mural. It depicts a wooden house with a water wheel situated somewhere deep in the woods. It is very colorful, with autumn leaves in red, gold and brown. Shades of sunlight shine through the trees and it is a peaceful scene.

The peace is broken by the addition of painted flowers along the bottom of the mural. The flowers are very childlike and are in pastel colors that directly conflict with the autumn scene. The light blue, pink, and purple daisies on green stems go from one side of the wall to the other. The flower pattern was continued up the wooden doorframe, across the top and down the other side. It is confusing to the senses and you must shake your head to rid yourself of the effects of the room. The eclectic decor seem to scream at other rather than complement one another and it is a horrific effect.

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