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Analyzing and Enhancing Microsoft PowerPoint

One of the Microsoft Office programs is the PowerPoint. Through PowerPoint, one can make a presentation for discussions, reports and a lot more. MS PowerPoint has features installed which makes it more convenient for the user in completing the presentation. Texts, templates, themes, color palates, animation, insertion of graphs, images, tables, charts and sounds. Appearance of the slides can be modified, from its background to text. Templates and themes are readily available for faster finishing the presentation, as well as with changing the colors.

Texts can even edit its wrapping, format like strikethrough, underline, double color and 3-D effects. Animation, on the other hand, is divided into two, namely for the slide transitions and the other for the text boxes and images. These animations are used to enhance presentations and to eliminate dullness. Moreover, they are used to emphasize highlights and save slide spaces. Inserted graphs, images, tables and charts are also modifiable- the style, design, timing, layout, dimension, shadow, glow, lines, fill and rotation, to name a few. Sounds can also be inserted.

There are sounds available in the animation bar such as applaud, laugh, roar of a lion and more. Additionally, you can add up your own sound, recording or music, even videos. Grammar and spell checks are also inculcated in PowerPoint. Commonly, the regular users of PowerPoint are the students, non-professionals and professionals presenting their work, with the opt to show or hide speaker notes. PowerPoint can also be saved in compact files (xml), Portable Document Format (pdf) or XML Paper Specifications (xps) formats. Apparently, aside from these “regular users” there are more into them who use the same program.

Even handicapped people are using those. For the young people, mostly the program is effective for those who are educated and normal. Comparative to the handicapped with the same age as them, they can maximize the use of the said program. However, the handicapped can still utilize it. People with low visions have the tendency to not clearly see and read what is flashed on screen. With this problem, if he is the doer, then the outcome of the presentation might not be that well presented. If he is the receiver, then he might not fully absorb what is being presented.

Another is a person being autistic. Being autistic is having deficits in communication and social interaction, impairment and abnormality. This requires focused attention and usually, they seem to do things out of control in terms of they don not know or understand that they are actually doing it. Comprehension is also very low. Addressing the conflicts arising from the handicapped, further modifications for the program are needed. PowerPoint is already set in resolution, therefore, appearance in screen can be not a trouble. Yet, due to some cases, it still is a trouble.

Having low vision or difficulty with sight needs further assistance. As regards to this, Microsoft can include audio instructions. This voice-activated feature will help those who are having difficulty in seeing what they are doing or reading. The audio covers instructions, name of buttons, features, texts they insert, animations, modifications, warnings, help menu, support, opening, saving and converting process and so on. With this feature, it makes PowerPoint highly technical and user-friendly. As for autistics, the added feature for the low-vision case can be useful. In addition, usage

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