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Application programming interface

Function overloading is a way that gives facility for having multiple functions with the same name. The purpose of overloading is to define several closely related versions of a procedure/function without having to differentiate them by name just only varying the argument list. It provides a common name for several similar but slightly divergent functions. Becker’s article “Overloading and Overloading” is primarily of about solving C/C++ problems. This paper describes the use of overloading functions in technical and non technical sense.

Initially the use of operator overloading is discussed in C++ and also discussion of it in Java which do not have this. After that function overloading is described, this is the same name for different function by differentiating with the argument type. In addition, overloading of functions, which is essential for templates is also covered with examples. Also problem with overloading is covered in last section because overusing function overloading can make a program unreadable. Another problem arises from an interaction between templates and overloaded functions because of complier do not understand it.

In conclusion, the article describes that overloading is not a blessing, it makes program unreadable when overused. Overloading function can even bog down the compiler; therefore it should be used, when it is really necessary in program. 3. Summarize the following article: Object-Oriented Programming This paper gives a look on API (application programming interface) and object oriented programming (OOP). It had also given definitions of different object oriented terms such as object, class and instances.

The seeds of object-oriented programming might be traced back to the concept of the API. API is basically a piece of paper that defines a set of subroutines and the behavior an application can expect to get when calling them. The downside to APIs is that one can only have one of something. Suppose one has a computer with two graphics displays, but he can not use the API above as-is because it does not let choose which display to use. In addition, one can not install two API libraries because the functions have the same names, and he would not be able to specify which of the two to call.

This paper also talks about the modular advantages of using objects is creation of faster, better, cheaper code. Just as well-defined APIs were a big advance over hard coding the graphics functions, objects are a big advance over APIs. Objects allow code to be made more modular and allow those modules to be defined more clearly and concisely. In addition, it provides a means of writing code with faster and fewer mistakes that can be tested more easily. Object-oriented code, like any other form of code, can be done badly and is generally much worse than bad conventional code


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