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Art During the Industrialization Era

Although industrialization mainly dealt with economic and socio- political changes, the continuous blooming of the arts during this period was not impeded. In the middle of technological innovations and modernization processes, artists who had lived in this time still found ways how to express their creativity, imagination, and intuition. Realism is the key word to define how works of art were portrayed by artists. This movement that emphasis the beauty of the natural and living world has expanded in the area of literature, visual arts, and music.

The idea was first observed through the photos taken by Nadar. Gustave Flaubert, for instance, writes using “le mot juste” or the precise word. At the onset of modernity, architectural buildings took the principles of Art Nouveau. An example of which is Casa Vicens by Antoni Gaudi. Themes like capitalism and communism spread by Karl Marx were also favorite subjects among paintings and novels. Truly, artists who lived in this era has found their own respective ways to adapt the demands of time.

Critical Question #1: The poor and oppressed people nowadays already realized that their current condition could be changed through fighting on their own their rights and principles. This radical way of thinking could be drawn from Marx’s religious and political criticisms. He proposed that the reason the oppressed and the poor accept their situations is religion. Religion taught them to believe that those who suffer will find relief and happiness in the end, thus making them passive and afraid to question their condition.

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