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Atop the Rocks and Under the Waves

As days turn into nights and weeks passed into months, people continue to live a life fully burdened of work, spending every drifting minutes concentrating hard either on their studies or their labor when out of the blue they stop, coming to a pause and begins to look at the sky and the slowly wafting clouds. Then they are to realize that they’ve been working so hard those days that they need some time to relax. Now, the question is, “Which place would be more suitable for a much appreciated vacation? ” This is what the essay will discuss, the difference of having a break in the mountains and having it at the beach.

The mountains, for one, offer a refuge to enjoy truly but the beaches tender to give warm company with its pearly azure waters. Deciding which one is better is difficult because both the mountains and the beach present equally good vacation options. Talking about mountains, there are heaps of them for one to particularly choose in the United States. With the refreshing air given out by the green foliages and the expectantly fair and sunny weather, people’s vacations are assured to be of total peace and relaxation.

Although some doubt that there are several activities to do when they’re in the mountains, there actually is copious of mountain exercises to reasonably love. One to consider is the Grandfather Mountains. Aside from the serene nature trails that people desires to take there, masses of fun and comforting activities to do and try out are also free for the choosing. First thing though that people ought to, or rather, usually do when going to the Grandfather Mountains is crossing the Mile High Bridge. The name of the bridge itself says everything about it.

Indeed, the bridge, hanging precariously a mile above the ground, is a sure thing that makes tourists come back for more. People ought not to forget to go hiking in the mountain either for it not just refreshes the body but also soothes the soul. However, if the people going for a break are not those who like to spend some time to invigorate their body, then the wildlife habitats are going to suit them. Found within the Grandfather Mountains, the wildlife habitats are made intentionally to house black bears, cougars, river otters, white-tailed deer, and eagles.

The Grandfather Mountains, extending within the borders of the Avery County, proves to be a sight to behold through these substantiations as well. Most definitely, going on mountain trips aren’t precisely just about hiking but rather engaging one’s self with nature through certain activities. On the other hand, water lover or not, people do not disregard the idea of going to beaches whenever they have time. Although warm seasons are the only times that attest the goodness of planning to go to a beach, it is still something always looked forward to.

Boasting of fine beaches and equally good coastline community, the United States is one to have luxurious, if not supreme, beaches in the world. One of these is the Myrtle Beach. With more than 60 miles of sandy beaches and an estimated 14 million visitors a year, there is no doubt it is one of the most popular beaches in the continental U. S. , bearing a good and mostly predictable weather. And it is not only the hotels, fine dining, and golf courses that people look forward to in this beach, or in that case, any beach. There are more than hundred of activities that one may do.

The only limit is due to people’s imagination. The more creative one is the more activities he is going to perform ably. However, to give people a head start, here are some basic beach activities that people typically do when vacating to a beach: beach volleyball, snorkeling, building sand castles, riding banana boats if there is one, beach soccer, and let us not forget the key exercise people love about beaches—swimming all-day out. Everyday in this beach, sweetly located at the shoreline of South Carolina, is in no doubt to be filled of fun, fun, and fun.

Deciding which is better between a vacation in the mountains and of that in a beach is certainly difficult because both the mountains and the beach present evenly superior vacation options. As people may notice, there are multitudes of relaxing exercises to do, whether they choose to go on a vacation in the mountains or spending their break at the beach and basically it comes down to two factors: going to the mountains requires some physical strength and therefore, only people who dares to push their selves in perspiration-jerking activities and prefer to be nearer to Mother Nature should choose going in a vacation in the mountains.

On the contrary, beaches should be chosen by those who are more interested in relaxing all day under the sun and the splashing waves, tanning the skin while lying on the chalky sandy beach. But which ever people choose, as long as it satisfies the heart and perhaps does not hurt the poor pockets, it would always be the best vacation choice; just keep into mind that the best is not about which is more expensive or extravagant but it is definitely about how one makes something into the best.

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