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Azusa Pacific University

I have never felt more certain in my life – nothing could be more fulfilling for me than a chance to finish my college education at Azusa Pacific University. For me, a college education means achieving two things: completing my personal journey into adulthood within a Christian environment and obtaining academic excellence without losing sight of my Christian perspective. Failing this, a college education would not amount to much. After carefully considering my options, I have arrived at the conclusion that only APU could help me realize my objectives. I am a practicing Roman Catholic.

After acquiring my Christian values during my formative years and having nurtured them while spending fifteen years in Roman Catholic schools, I have all the intentions of adhering to my Christian faith for the rest of my life. As a consequence, my life, to this day, has been guided by the Holy Bible which has taught me so many good things. First and foremost, the Holy Bible instilled in me the belief in the existence of God who created all things in this universe. This God, I know, loves His children whom He created after His own image and provided with every necessity.

Therefore, I believe that everything we have – our physical attributes, our skills, our abilities, our dexterities – are gifts from the same omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God for which each one of us should be eternally grateful. As I was growing up, I have come to appreciate the fact that these blessings should be developed, at home with the help of our parents, and in school with the assistance of our teachers, so that they could be harnessed to assist the less fortunate, to be of service to humanity.

This is the only way through which we could repay the kindness of our loving God. Globalization, which has made our world a much smaller one, has also injected more urgency in my search for academic excellence. As a “global citizen,” I am convinced that I should continue to seek self-improvement so that even the peoples from the far reaches of the earth may benefit from my abilities. In other words, I should match the advances being made in the fields of science and technology in order to remain forever useful in mankind’s march to progress.

However, the gains made in the field of science and technology should also be utilized to bridge the gap between cultures, promote international understanding, and totally eradicate all forms of discrimination. Our God created only one community of men despite our differences in skin color. This should only be taken to mean that since God treats Blacks, Caucasians, and Orientals equally, we should also do the same if we want to remain His loyal children.

Therefore, each of us should consider it a personal duty to preserve the oneness of humanity by promoting universal love and international cooperation. This is my singular reason for seeking to complete my college education at APU. Its being a Christian university would certainly enable me to achieve my desired academic excellence while at the same time allowing me to maintain my Christian perspective. The four cornerstones of APU: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service have also been the foundations of my life.

It is not a coincidence, therefore, that APU appeals to me very strongly. I very much like to pursue my college education within its four walls where the environment is where every Christian, when given the choice, would prefer to live and prosper. I believe that I would have a better chance of attaining optimum personal and academic development in a Christian institute of higher learning. For a devout Roman Catholic like me, to be able to live and move among fellow Christians would be a very enlightening experience.

This is because I would not only be able to practice my faith but would also be interacting with students and faculty members who adhere to the same standards of morality as I do. I believe that being amongst people who share my core values, hunger for exactly the same spiritual needs as I do, and possess an identical outlook in life is the best single recipe for a happy and fulfilling existence. In addition to all these, APU has always been one of the most excellent academic institutions in the country. My Reasons for Applying to Azusa Pacific University

When students are asked why they want to enter a university or any institution for higher learning, most of them would say that they want to obtain a college degree because it would enable them to obtain a high-paying job and enjoy a life of luxury. On the other hand, there are those who would tell you that their intention is actually to continue to a graduate or post-graduate degree for the status that it would give them. The more idealistic ones, however, would go further and declare that more than money and status, college education satisfies their quest for academic excellence.

Regardless of their reasons, however, students tend to go to the best colleges or universities that their budgets allow them. I would not pretend to be any different because like many of them, I am also driven by my thirst for academic excellence. Also, like most of them, I would likewise want to have a good-paying job after finishing college so that I would not want for material comfort. I am also not ruling out the possibility of pursuing a graduate and post-graduate degree if circumstances would allow me.

However, unlike them, I do not base my choice of a university on its academic performance alone because I expect a university to be just that – an excellent academic center. In other words, I would like to get more out of a university than just education – I would like to achieve academic excellence without losing my Christian perspective. I have been raised in a Roman Catholic family. Hence, I have been provided, during my formative years, with the beliefs and values of a good Christian and was brought up to behave accordingly.

I have nurtured these beliefs during my fifteen years of Christian education and have never behaved otherwise. One of my reasons, therefore, for choosing a university, is my faith. I would like to attend a university where Christian faith is not just a byproduct but one of the main products – a university where I could really expect to grow and flourish because it does not only promote academic excellence but also strives to turn out graduates who are practicing Christians.

This requirement led me to Azusa Pacific University in light of its Four Cornerstones, namely: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service. My life has always been built on these same foundations. For starters, I was raised to have faith in God. I grew up believing in a God who created the universe; a God who is omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent and who bestows His unconditional love equally to His children. I also know that everything I have – my body, my mind, my soul, my skills – is God-given, therefore, should also be utilized to serve the purposes of God.

This is the Christian may of expressing gratitude to God for everything that He did and continues to do for mankind. As a Christian, I therefore modeled my life according to the life of Jesus Christ. I was also brought up to believe in the pursuit of academic excellence. According to my parents and my early teachers, only education could enable me to remain useful to humanity because knowledge is an important tool in man’s pursuit of a better world. Since kindergarten up to my high school years, therefore, I never took my studies for granted.

As I grew up, events showed me that my parents and teachers were right. I learned by observation that the common criminal is usually uneducated, out of job, and could not feed himself and his family. He was therefore driven by his circumstances to be a deviant and a menace to society. Man, therefore, should always aspire to be educated in order to be productive and an asset to society. God created only one community of man. In other words, skin color should not be an obstacle to the establishment of a truly humane community.

For this specific reason, my parents raised me to abhor racial discrimination and to treat everybody equally regardless of the color of their skin. Education can do this to man – enlighten him in order to be magnanimous, to cross cultural borders to help others and promote international understanding and cooperation. This is especially vital in light of the globalization which has made our world very much smaller, therefore, enabling faster and easier contact between peoples.

Finally, as God serves man in spite of Himself because of His love for His children, therefore man should also serve his fellowman. This has always been my parents’ admonition. They would always remind me to be humble, love my fellowmen, and serve them with my heart. This is the primary reason why I do not wish to lose my Christian perspective while completing my college education; why I do not want to be educated in an institution which does not prioritize the teaching of the Christian values; why I fervently pray that APU would accept my application for admission.

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