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Bad Habits

An action if preformed so frequently that it is labeled as an unconscious response becomes a habit of a person and if the habit is unpleasant it is termed as a “bad habit”. People make a lot of efforts to try to overcome these undesirable habits but usually end up depressed when these bad habits do not die off. To bring changes is a difficult process; the ways that bad habits can be eradicated is that when you feel that you are indulging in inappropriate behavior you should immediately stop yourself.

After that you can start practicing an alternative action that you have pre-decided in your mind as a replacement our bad habit. Secondly, you can also get moral support from your friends and family by involving them in your attempt to suppress your awful practices. Thirdly, you should consider why you commit such an act? What is the reason, the situation that compels you to act in this particular manner? It is only after you find the answers to these questions will you be able to understand the true motive behinds your action and substitute it.

Fourthly, when you are trying to eliminate your bad habits you are basically inviting a change in your life. Changes that are brought gradually are more lasting and hence the process should be practiced by starting of little by little like once in a week and then increasing the occasions that alternative behavior practiced on a more regular basis. Some of the bad habits that can be eliminated are screaming at your kids, smoking, biting your nails, being a know-it-all, chewing tobacco, excessive throat clearing, etc.

I had a bad habit of interrupting others while they were speaking; I tried to get rid of that habit by instantly stopping my self when it occurred to me that I was practicing the impolite act and I adopted the alternative behavior I had in mind, which was to stay unspoken in all circumstances, until the other person was done with expressing his viewpoint. Even though my concentration on what the individual was speaking about declined initially, however by regularly practicing the alternative behavior in place of my bad habit, I eventually got rid of the terrible habit of interrupting people.

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