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Bases of Power

Bases of Power. Upon looking at my own personality and the kind of power that I exercise the most, I found out that expert power is what I use more often. Usually, I use my knowledge and my expertise about something in order to influence people in the course of action that I favor. Because of my dependence on this kind of power, I usually research on the topic that I expect will be talked about the most so that I can become confident in the way that I use my influence.

Although having knowledge is good, sometimes, I have to balance it with people skills because there are other people that are more knowledgeable and skillful than I and I tend to feel bereft of power when that happens. Organizational Politics. In an organization, I tend to present facts and other evidences that seek to influence people to my own viewpoint and the course of action that I support. This is my view of organizational politics. My assumption is that people would always want to see the facts. However, this is not always the case.

In my experiences, people tend to support the viewpoint of the people that they are close with to the extent that sometimes they disregard some of the facts that are being presented to them. Given this, perhaps, I should balance my own approach of presenting facts with social skills to support such facts. Conflict. As much as conflict brings friction in relationships and uncomfortable feelings, they are inevitable. In an organization, there will always be people who do not agree on a lot of things, so a way of resolving conflicts is necessary.

After accomplishing the personal assessment of conflict, I realized that I am the kind of person who does not back down when it comes to conflicts or quarrels and I have a tendency to fight for my own point of view. Yet, sometimes, compromises must be arrived at so that the organization can achieve its goals and objectives. Stalemates are dangerous and might lead to a fragmented and ineffective organization. Given this, I should also learn to compromise.

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