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Beans play

Beans play a great role in feeding the people from different parts of the world. They are abundant and can grow in almost any part of the world. They are not only overwhelming in number but they are also a good source of nourishment. The benefits of beans can be compared to those of other staple foods like grains and cereals. Beans are important not only as food. They are also used to make plastics and solvents. They are good substitutes for milk and meat, and is considered to be an almost perfect food. These beans are said to have originated from the New World, but the three basic types of beans originated from other places too.

The Soy Beans originated from Asia, while the Broad or Faba beans came from Europe. The beans coming from the New World are called the common beans. Some beans are very important in the food supply of the world. This is because it contributes other types of food which has been in the consumption list of the people worldwide. One of these beans is the Soy Beans. It is used in varying ways, like beverages, food pastes, and more. Other beans include specific types like kidney beans, chick peas, and more. These are all important components of the common diet of people and are a great source of nutrition.

But in some cultures, beans are considered to be bad or negative. One example is in Egypt, where beans symbolized death. In some cultures, eating beans become socially unacceptable because of the gas it produces. Since these beans are high in saccharide content, when they are digested, methane gas is produced. This accounts for the gas that usually comes up after eating these beans. But these negative aspects are relatively small as compared to the benefits that these beans give us. They provide nutrition to most of the people, and can even be the answer for the global problem of population. Surely, these beans are not just full of air.

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