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Benefits in Texas

Forestry research plays an important part in any community. Forestry research studies methods of forest and wildlife protection. In Texas where the National Forests of Texas exist, this is extremely relevant. Forests provide clean air and recreation that relies on wildlife. Clean air and recreation are two needs of society that are provided by healthy forests. Forestry research maintains these forests in usable condition by relaying to the community the needs of the forests.

By studying forests, researches have learned that trees and other plant life existing in forests help to maintain the quality of the air we breathe. Plants produce oxygen and “sequester carbon” (Page,1983, p. 6). This is nature’s way of cleansing pollutants from the air (Page,1983, p. 82). Not only do forests provide oxygen for us to breathe, but they also provide a source of recreation to nearby communities. In Texas, the National Forests offer primitive camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking (2004,National Forests).

Because these forests are an important part of Texans’ recreation and therefore a source of tourist income, these forests are detrimental to Texas life. By studying the forests in forestry research, forest managers gain an understanding of how the trees and forest vegetation grow and maintain life (Page, 1983, p. 33). In succession, maintaining the health of the forests allows for healthy wildlife. Wildlife allows nature to take its course in naturally maintaining the forest (Page, 1983, p. 116-119), as well as providing recreational activities such as fishing and hunting (2004,National Forests).

Forestry research explains the needs of the forest and its wildlife within, thereby teaching society how to maintain the forest herself. This provides a thriving forest to benefit the communities around the forest. The forest trees and plant life process carbons and produce oxygen, refreshing the air. Furthermore, a great benefit of nearby forests is the chance at recreational use.

Through fishing, hunting and primitive camping a forest can be a great source of fun and enjoyment for any community. Using the knowledge forest researchers gain allows the rest of the world to enjoy the forests that surround us. Citations Page, Jake. (1983) Planet Earth: Forest. Alexandria: Time-Life Books. (2004, September 16). National Forests of Texas. Retreived November 6, 2008, from the Texas Lone Star Web Site: http://www. lonestar. net/mall/txtrails/natlforest. htm.

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