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Black Men in Public Places

Staples, in his article, Black Men in Public Places, wrote of how he suffered from being stereotyped as a Negro that is a threat of violence and harassment to many people. To relate his story, he simply made use of himself as the main character and the other characters were his “victims,” the people who has been threatened merely by his color.

He made a clear description of how he was judged by he looked and appeared to the people. He related his story by stating his point of view. The main issue here is racial discrimination against the black people.

And Staples has been stereotyped as that black man who is ready to attack his victim at any time. Many have associated the black skin color to men who are violent, bad, macho, and capable of doing crimes. It is because of this stereotyping that many has started to feel uncomfortable and threatened whenever they come across a black man. Because of that, Staples felt judged and alienated. He felt that he is an outcast because he is the “bad guy” in the society. I sympathize with Staples because he is not fairly judged.

In his essay, he wrote a phrase “to take a knife to a raw chicken” to describe how he seemed to be like to many white people especially to the women. It is as if the white women are helpless victims when they are in a black man’s hands. He continuously used that trope to describe how the other people have stereotyped the black men.

His last sentence was a metaphor to describe how he tried to resolve his issue and cope up from the discrimination he has suffered. Simply, he is tries to cope up by appearing gentle rather than proving that he is gentle.

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