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Blahniks or an iPhone

Living on your own has its perks. The sense of freedom that living independently gives is truly wonderful. However, before you can live on your own, you must move out. That is the difficult part. Moving out on your own is a big responsibility. The moment you step out of your parent’s house, you assume all responsibility in every aspect of your life. Here are some guidelines as to how you can move out on your own. The first step includes getting a job (Gearman 1).

Moving out means managing your own expenses and unless you are Paris Hilton who was born with lots of money, you cannot manage your own expenses when you have no money to speak of. You need not be choosy; as long as its legal and you do not get in trouble. Second, manage your expenses. Now that you have a job, you have your own money. Make a list of the important things you need to spend on, and learn how to save. Remember, from this point on, you are responsible for your food, clothing and other essential needs.

Mom and dad will not come to the rescue the moment you have no more cash for food because you impulsively bought a pair of Manolo Blahniks or an iPhone that is obviously less important than groceries. Third, clean up. Having a place of your own is great, but you have to realize that your pad will not clean up itself. Staring at the unwashed dishes in the sink will not make them wash themselves. The take out boxes from yesterday’s dinner will not walk toward the trash bin on their own. It is your place. It is your responsibility.

Besides, a home is a reflection of the owner. If it is a mess, you know what that will say about you. By following the guidelines, you are sure to survive your first year of living alone. Moving out signifies that you are an adult, and you can step up to the responsibilities of being one. It is because even if you are surrounded by family and friends, and they are willing to help you whenever you need them, it is your life (Gearman 1); you must deal with it.

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