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Canadian goose

I will not be able to recognize myself if I go back to those years before 2001 when I was in Korea. It was a period of survival and study but without a single minded focus and direction. That is why I worked in the military for two years and later in an automobile manufacturing company for two years, as a product quality controller. This added to my other skills, like people interaction, quality assessment and discipline but my exposure to the study in Advertising has had a very positive impact on me and has shaped my future goals and career aspirations.

Four years of education at the States from year 2003 has totally changed me and it is with absolute clarity of mind and thought that I am applying for this educational program in Visual communication and graphic design. My B. A in Advertising has helped me identify my true interests and passion. I believe that any career that is based on one’s aptitude and strength would succeed and practical experience that is founded on solid theoretical knowledge and systematic training be it self-learning or classroom guidance goes a long way in shaping a person’s future.

This is precisely the reason for my choice of Major. Watching movies is my pastime but now I realize that somehow. I subconsciously have been trying to discern what has gone into the making of it. It is not just a hobby, but the technical aspect of it has also held a special interest for me. I have a natural inclination to try different combinations, use my innovative skills in art and design in application of fonts. This has been one of the outlets for my creativity and designing passions. I have had two internship experiences one at a graphic company, another at a marketing company.

My experiences here have reinforced my desire for a pursuit of higher education in Visual Arts and Graphic design, because I have realized in the course of my work experience that while practical work does teach its own lessons, the outcome would be much more solid and successful if one were to be systematically trained in this field. The process of learning would also be easier and faster when a person knows the technical and theoretical part of this. Theory put into practice yields the best results and this field is no exception to it especially because the programs will prepare students through market-driven curricula.

. The student’s natural talent, passion and ideas and professional artistic skill sets are properly trained enabling them to be different, creative and constructive. Creativity, when nurtured in the proper environment is an ever fascinating aspect and would never lose its novelty. But only an Art Institute would be able to show new avenues and expose one to many possibilities, because self education by trial and error has its limitations. My internship as a production artist and illustrator has brought to light a few inadequacies in me, and I have attributed this to the lack of proper, advanced education in this area.

I could not get the necessary speed that the work called for but this would soon be set right in the rigorous program in Art school. I am still in the course of my internship at a marketing company, as a production and prepress assistant. . I am working on a school exhibition now and my quickness of grasp and learning abilities have helped me get this position of a design assistant in charge for designing banner ads and posters for an exhibition at the Illinois Institute of Art at Chicago. This exhibition is about an environmental exhibition for the Canadian goose.

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