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Career objective

It is my childhood dream to be a soccer player but fate did not allow me to pursue my ambition. I used to have a hamstring problem on my right leg so I decided to leave that ambition behind. After that, I had my chance to discover my full potential that made me discover my true career objective. I dreamt of becoming an international leader right after my father settled his Marine industry in Tong – a. It was the first time that my father started establishing fishery business on other countries abroad. He is confident that such venture will give him sufficient profitability.

But juts like any other business; there are problems along the way. My father had trouble of managing his employees abroad when he tried to manage them the way that he had done with his employees in Korea. In addition to this, speaking in English language, understating Tonga’s culture, and training Tonga employees were other huge obstacles to begin his business in Tonga. Even though my father is a well-known good businessman in Korea, he didn’t succeed in understanding its culture, and managing its people.

I look up to my father’s experience as my driving point to succeed in life. I want to continue his legacy of being a good businessman but I will pursue a degree where I can overcome a competent international leader that can comprehend one’s culture, communicate with other people, and put up successful companies on other countries. I can say that previous personal experience made me determine my skills as a leader. I used to lead as a student council president at church two years ago. During that time, I struggled with other faculty members due to differences in opinions.

My role is to resolve conflicts and unite members but my being new to the task made it hard for me to deal with them. But through determination, passion and confidence on myself, I was able to come up with possible solutions that fixed the problems between members. It was the experience that made me realize that leaders are made with ample abilities to manage any kind of situation. Having said all of these, I am confident that I am now armed with the prerequisite principles of a leader such as visualizing vision, developing an organization better, and managing diversified people.

My short term career objective is to hone my temperament skills. I also need to understand other culture and how to manage in a diverse surrounding. I need to gain more knowledge on how can I motivate others so that they will increase their individual skills in an organization. In addition to these, since I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses, I want to acquire knowledge on how can I utilize my weaknesses as advantages. My long term career objective on the other hand is to establish myself as a business international leader.

I believe that in order to reach all these goals, communication skills, exact decision skills, professional knowledge, diverse experience, and propelling powers are really required to thrive steadily for being a global leader. I am please to know that Hult University will make me a step closer to my dreams. This is the first school in the United Stated that focuses solely on training international leaders. Hult is also recognized as the world’s leading global business school. The program is designed to educate students and turn them into globally competitive business leaders.

In addition, Hult has great alumni networks in the world which are spread out in more than 140 countries. Since my goal is to work in various countries for promoting their success, having lots of Hult alumni will help me share knowledge or get advice among them wherever I have question on some project and feel difficulty of managing other people. With all that has been said and done, I am really eager to become a global leader so that I can develop and sustain prosperity among businesses and people world-wide. Everything that I will learn from the Master of International Business program at Hult will be utilized to the best of my abilities.

My experiences on my father’s company in Korea each time I visit during summer serves as a training ground for my leadership skills too. Gaining knowledge and skills on how to become an international leader is hard to learn alone. I want to further my studies in an institution that produces only the best and finest international leaders. Hult is the best choice because it teaches students the expertise and intelligence of global leaders in regular order. Hult is the perfect choice for my graduate studies because later on I can pay tribute to this institution by giving them tribute once I become one of the most successful business men.

The essay that I could not complete Experiences are intended to make us better. I firmly believe in this saying because everything that happened in my life pays a great contribution to my personality and knowledge. My family and cultural background provided me with the things that I can carry out as I attend the program at Hult and share those experiences to my classmates so that I can impart something for them. Aside from this, I anticipate my future management assignment as a success because I have a flexible personality and I can relate will all types of people from different walks of life.

I came to the United States in 2002 to pursue my studies in learning English. I was mindset to stay there for only a year but since I noticed the credibility of education, I decided not to leave so that I can reach for better goals in life and acquire a business degree. I was raised in a family where education is of great importance. I am plucky to have parents that support my needs in terms of studies because this is the only wealth that cannot be stolen by anyone. During my childhood, I was taught by my father several things about the field of business.

He always encourages me to gain more knowledge on business field. He is currently the chairman of Man Seung Marine Product Industry Inc. His business is also in Tong-a, Samoa and Busan in South Korea. He has 20 years of experience in Business and he is willing to pass over his business to me, but he is a strict business man who will not pass over his business unless I guarantee him that I am ready to do it. I am not the kind of person who is after the wealth of my family. I want to establish my own success in life.

It has always been my priority to achieve perfection in every work that I have. I am a native of South Korea, and my homeland is known for having a dynamic economy in the world. At present, it is developed as the fourth largest in Asia area and the thirteenth largest in the world. The foreign trade with South Korea has structured in wide expansion, liberalization and diversification. The GNP of South Korea is also stable which can be traced from 1965- 1990. According to U. S. Census Bureau, foreign trade statistics between South Korea and U. S showed steadily increasing.

I look towards my future in having a share in the economic stability of both countries by completing my business plans for both U. S and South Korea. Being an International student, I can impart to my classmates the cultural background that I had in Korea which they can apply in their own lives. We can share our thoughts and experiences as student of Hult so that we can achieve success in International business. Being enrolled at Hult will give me opportunities of meeting other international students so that all of us can exceed the idea of success.

Based on the aforementioned statement, I can say that my confidence is at its best on my goal of becoming a global leader. By gaining knowledge and skills at Hult, I can be assured of my successful future. I am passionate on this field and I am willing to be trained on things that I barely know. Basing it upon the mission of Hult which is to “ educate global leaders,” I believe that I will make it to apply every learning that this institution has impart on me. I am also competent in terms of speaking with native speakers in U. S University. I always strive hard to learn new things and gain more power through knowledge.

Knowledge as power is one of the best teachings that my father had taught me. Being given the chance to study in the U. S is a privilege because it is known for having the largest national economy in the world. My past experiences will also add value to me as a student as I share with my classmates and to my future management assignment everything that is within my knowledge about international business. My goal is to enjoy each day at Hult and learn everything that is needed in my future profession so that I can execute the mission of creating sustainable prosperity worldwide.

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