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Cat Woman to the Rescue

A Lone Wolf woman has reportedly found the answer to the pet problem in our city. She has set up a rescue mission to help needy felines. Glenda Davich spends her days and nights rescuing abandoned and needy cats in and around the Sherwood neighborhood of the city. What started with a single kitten that was starving on the sidewalk has grown into a full time endeavor for this single mother of two. She has now saved over 100 cats since last year and claims that she is not through yet. Neighbors stand in awe of the “Cat Lady” and wonder how she manages to rescue so many of her furry neighbors.

Suzie Jane claims that persistence, patience and playfulness are her resources when trying to help with the city’s overabundance of cats. Her altruistic nature and self-sacrifice are models to the young people of the city. She hopes to soon establish other missions in neighboring cities and towns. “I just refuse to let a cat just be left to die. They have the same rights as the rest of us and should not be punished because a people have left them to rot. ”, touts the scrappy forty-seven year old.

“God has given me a calling and that is to help my city and help these animals live out their live in peace and not have to die on the streets. ” The cats rescued my Ms. Davich come in all shapes and sizes. While strolling through the large compound built especially for the cats, we see tabbies, calicos, striped, and all colors of the rainbow it seems. Suzie claims that, “It is great to see so much beauty in one place”. She hopes to print a calendar of some of the more photogenic cats this summer to raise money to keep her dream alive.

“Cat Woman” Suzie Jane has applied for the prestigious “Friends of Felines” award with the American Cat Association which will be awarded October 31st. “It would be a dream come true to win that award. It would bring recognition to our efforts here in Lone Wolf. ” For now, the Cat Woman will continue her crusade to save the innocent and the defenseless in our streets. Her efforts will be an inspiration to those around her and will hopefully inspire a new generation of Cat Woman a Menace? Lone Wolf-

Shocking reports are coming out the city’s Sherwood neighborhood involving pet abductions, animal abuse and a local mother stalking family pets. Glenda Davich is being investigated on charges that she has stolen neighborhood cat from families and has even taken animals that are outside playing with their young owners. Lone Wolf cat owners in the area started noticing cats missing late last summer. At first parents thought maybe that their children’s cat had just run away or been in an accident. This was hard enough for parents to explain to young ears.

But when neighborhood children began to notice cats that looked amazingly similar in the “Cat Woman’s” filthy back yard, suspicion soon rose. Suzie Jane was confronted by several parents about the identity of her feline prisoners. “I raised them all from little kittens! Now get away! ” she allegedly yelled at the group of concerned citizens. Having no proof to identify their cats, the residents were left with empty litter boxes. The abductions have become bolder in recent weeks according to several area youth. At least two children report their cats being picked by a person matching the description of Ms.

Davich. Both kids say that their cats were playing along the sidewalk when the “Cat Woman” scooped them up and put them in her oversized purse that she carries with her. City statutes do not forbid cats running loose in the neighborhood as long as they have a collar, a clearly marked ownership tag and their vaccinations are up to date. Apparently the conditions around the house and yard that Ms. Bucket maintains have deteriorated in recent months. The stench has driven several neighbors to complain to city officials.

One kind hearted neighbor even offered to help clean the area. Calls of “Cat Killer! ” and “I am the hero here, not you” came flying out of dilapidated house The fact that someone can so easily take their pets that are legally owned and cared for has some residents miffed on why there is no legal recourse. Complaints to city have been slow to be answered. But help may soon be on the way as Mayor Green has promised action this week on the matter. We will keep you updated as details become available on the menace in Sherwood neighborhood.

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