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Celebration at Yun Fu Analysis

The last time we had went out for a night in town was when a friend of mine celebrated his birthday around a month ago. Every year, me and my friends go out to celebrate our friend’s birthday usually by having dinner over a rented DVD over at our friend’s place, but this year, everyone wanted to do something different, so we decided to take it outside – the celebration, that is. The gang then decided for a night out in town, determined to stuff our faces full in one of the classy joints, just to experience what it is to dine at a fancy restaurant as friends.

We all decided that we should agree on wherever we would be dining as to not leave everyone out of the equation. Us being the lazy people that we were, we went ahead and checked online for fancy restaurants within the area. We figured it would just be much more convenient that way, besides, from what we hear, you’d actually have to make reservations for a table at a fancy restaurant. We happened to stumble upon a listing for one of the said best-kept secrets of Hong Kong: the Yun Fu restaurant.

Yun Fu had a great repertoire of Northern and Western Chinese cuisine, and it also didn’t hurt that they had an extensive wine collection. We were also immediately attracted by the mystery of the place and after checking out a few other reviews of the place (they turned out good), and images of the actual restaurant (which turned out superb), we placed a reservation for our friend’s birthday. Dinner was agreed upon before even getting to the restaurant by means of checking out the restaurant’s online menu.

For starters, we had the chilled river prawns marinated with finely chopped scallion, which was great with a tinge of soy sauce. We also had some of the Green asparagus coated with white sesame seeds, which I personally did not enjoy much, but must admit that I thought of ordering it just because it looked appetizing. The main course was the house specialty lamb rib rack. Now that, I definitely do not regret spending my hard-earned money on. The reviews were right to recommend it. Our group being a a gang of heavy eaters, we also had the roast duck and it was also exceptional.

At first we were hesitant to try dining at Yun Fu because it seemed too costly, but after sampling their wares, were convinced that it was worth it. Looking back, the factors that influenced us on our little food adventure were mainly external and marketing influences, as we ourselves had little knowledge regarding what we were about to partake of. Research on our part was done to find out the determining factors on our decision making at the time, and it showed that the main determinants were of the reviews that we stumbled across online. Another factor is the restaurant’s self image, which made a great impression from its website.

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