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Change and Choices

There are certain things in life that people should learn to take seriously. For some, becoming successful in their chosen field would entail much hard work and dedication. As a young child, I have always had this urge to make a difference in this world. In my own little way, I wanted to contribute to the upheaval of society, at the same time share my talents with others who were in dire need. For this, I have opted to acquire a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from the George Mason University.

Like any other professional, I aspire to shine and become known in my chosen field. As much as possible, I want to become a well rounded individual, knowledgeable in numerous areas. I consider myself to be one of those people who give importance to sports, such as soccer. Furthermore, I also indulge in international travels; seeing the world with my own two eyes inspires me to work further and become successful in my chosen field. The knowledge and experience that I gather from each place that I go to would help me to understand the world around me further.

At the same time, this would also help me to correct the mistakes that I have committed in the past. Aside from excitement, I am also particular with what I can accomplish through my hard work. Journalism and reading also attracts my attention; wherein I would use the kind of knowledge to update myself with the everyday happenings. Being fluent in both English and Arabic would come to my advantage, wherein I may be able to converse with people effortlessly. Moreover, I also believe that I have strong computer skills, especially when dealing with databases and internet functions.

These would all come in handy in my chosen field, and also help widen my perspective. I did not spend my time in just improving my craft. To improve my perspective o life, I participated in long-term volunteer work for establishments in Saudi Arabia. Through this kind of work, I was able to appreciate and give importance to the little things that happen around me. I learned how to adjust to what my environment had to offer, and extend my services to those who were in need. My hard work and dedication to become successful in life were epitomized by my academic standing.

I acquired my degree in Bachelor of Science in Business in Business Administration from the King Abdul Aziz University. The said course allowed me to learn more about management and the effective courses need to fully understand the world of business. I became equipped with the necessary information needed in order to fulfill my dreams and aspirations in life. A few months after graduation, I was accepted as a Marketing Representative for the Eco-Water Company. I was assigned in the recruitment of new clienteles in behalf of the company.

The three months that I have spent with them was beneficial in my growth, for I was able to learn how to be competitive and persistent. Afterwards, I was accepted at the French-Saudi Bank where I worked for two years. I was designated as the Team Leader for Marketing and Customer Service, where I had the chance to work with more people. My new position entailed me to become more responsible, for I handled the training of the new employees. I had to make sure that they become competitive enough to stay with the company, and at the same time grow as individuals.

In addition to this, I was also connected with American Express in Saudi Arabia for almost a year. I worked for the said company as a Personal Account Manager and specialized in Customer Service. I also made reservations on behalf of the company, and made sure that I was able to oversee all of the communications made with the clients. Eventually, I honed my educational background further by acquiring my MBA in Global Business Leadership from the Johnson & Wales University.

It is my belief that the knowledge and skills about the said profession would be stretched to greater heights because of my desire to learn. The acquired knowledge would also come to my advantage for I would be opened to more possibilities, especially when dealing with problems in the industry. In addition to this, I would become more open to the world around me, where everything and everyone is placed in a world of continuity. Handling of these problems may seem easy for some, but in reality the simplicities of life are the very core of big problems.

In this manner, I would be able to use and practice the knowledge that I have acquired through the many years in school. Furthermore, these problems may be resolved through the application of certain techniques and also through compromising with the other people involved. Regardless of all my plans for the future, my hopes and dreams in life do not end after graduation. Instead, I would use all of my knowledge in indulging myself in programs that would benefit people. In this manner, I would be able to help improve my craft, and at the same time still be of service to those who are in need.

Through my hard work and dedication, I also hope that I would serve as an inspiration to others, especially those who have just started with their career. Being able to help people resolve their conflicts and issues in life and with others would come as a big deal for me, for I would be able to touch their hearts in my own little way. I would become one of the few people who have made a difference in the lives of other people by helping them resolve their own little heartaches. Regardless of which path we ought to take, we have to give our best so that we may be able to stand up and become the best person that we could ever be.

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