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Cherokee models of cars

On this exemplified analysis, we view two pictures of Cherokee models of cars. They are indicative of four wheel drives that can venture in any terrain and carry up to all kind of luggage or gear the owner would want to carry Based on concepts and principles that concisely explain the concepts of visual analysis, this paper explores, through exemplified texts, pictures messages and principles learnt within the faculties of visual analysis the hypothetical presence of all these within a picture or image and explains their role and purpose in the picture.

Jeep Grand Cherokee in ad (b) Authenticity of a picture or image based on its facade as the basis of conveying a message or creates an impression that delivers the purported message or functions are the truly profound about visual effects that is convincing in advertising. Persuasive techniques aim at making emphasis on the principal objective of a picture or image. In the picture below the man laden with camping and sailing gear seems quite cognitive of the need to have a reliable mode of transport.

Basically the message within the context is the ability to have a reliable transport which the Jeep grand Cherokee offers qualitatively. The persuasive techniques observed are within the figurative objects pictorial which show that without a reliable and spacious transport system one cannot be able to efficiently, reliably and comfortably enjoy his planned day out or so. As such the derivate message is two way traffic in context, one, and you can be in trouble if you don’t have a reliable car and you could be home and dry with a reliable car.

The photographer’s aims and objectives were based on delivering a long lasting message that would mean that a reliable vehicle is important in delivery and comparatively easing the burden of being forced to take up roles of the unreliable vehicle. From the other picture, the car shown is a big spacious and seems reliable and able to tackle the much tumultuous responsibilities the man seems to have. The words “ carry more stuff’” represent efficiency and ability in the Grand Cherokee. These features are meant to persuade the viewer to believe, understand and evaluate the picture as the way it was.

The principal objective of the techniques is simply to make the exact situation to be reminiscent of what it was like to be in such a wanting situation and how it would be like once you have such a reliable and good car as seen on the other picture. The overall message based on principles of advertising is that a small car as seen in the first picture with the man with the load is not reliable and efficient hence, comparatively not good for a person with such diverse interests in comparison to the Jeep that is parked just near a fall and seems quite comfortable in the terrain.

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