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China market environment

Forever21 produces clothes in US and distributes it in other countries. China has been spotted for the marketing of its products. Here, the Chinese market has here been analyzed under Hofstede’s Typology that how the national culture influences an organization in various ways such as Power distance, Uncertainty avoidance, Individuality/Collectivity and Gender Differentiation Power Distance Power distance refers to the extent to which unequal distribution of power is accepted in a particular country. In this area, China scores high.

China has a high Power Distance ranking 80, which is significantly high in contrast to the other Far East Asian countries that average around 6. Through this, a high level of inequality of power and wealth distribution can be indicated. (Cybor link, 2008) Since a high power distant culture accepts greater centralization and a closer supervision, subordinates have a little expectation of influencing society. Forever21 deals in all kinds of diversified clothing, which include robes, bound feet shoes and cheongsams that are preferred by the Chinese.

Chinese people of upper class usually prefer formal clothing as compared to people the middle and lower classes, which prefer casual dresses like ones manufactured by forever21 such as striped top and white studded cropped jacket. Along with this, Forever 21 also has another brand of its own by the name TWELVE BY TWELVE for making dresses that are bit classier, less casual and a little more highly prices. Therefore, forever21 can have a good market for both the classes. Uncertainty avoidance

Uncertainty avoidance is the extent to which security, order and control are preferred to ambiguity, uncertainty and change. In this league, China also measures a very high degree. The Chinese people seek peace and creativity by sticking to their past rituals and traditions. They tend to wear clothes of similar uniform color, making the country either ‘sea blue’ or ‘sea green’, therefore it can be judged that the Chinese society has a high intolerance for uncertainty. (Chhokar) Forever21 has been making clothes for all kinds of cultures.

Clothes like ‘cheongsams’ and ‘robes’ are a part of the Chinese culture and tradition, which can have a great market all round. Individuality/Collectivity This is a measure of how much people prefer to live and work in individuality or collectivism, focusing on the ‘I’ or ‘We’ Identity. China in this field scores very low as compared to other countries. The Chinese people are more inclined towards collectivism, which can be understood that “China allows you to be different only if it contributed to representing the country, which is a typical thinking of collectivist society” (Marketing Story, 2009)

Since the people in china are seen as a family, they tend to wear clothes which are uniform and identical. Most of the people in china tend to wear clothes such as long robes, which is a sign of uniformity. Forever21 has been manufacturing robes as a part of the Chinese culture which can have a positive effect on their sale. Qipaos and Cheongasm also define collectivism, which are usually preferred by females and males respectively. Masculinity/Femininity It is the extent to which the social gender roles are distinct.

High masculinity cultures clearly differentiate gender roles and are male dominant. Historically, it can be noted that China has been a male-dominated society. There is a belief in China that male are superior and women are inferior. This also has a great effect on the kinds of Clothes worn by the Chinese people. “Men’s clothes define the shape of their body” (Finnane) Hanfu is another kind of dress preferred by the men in China, which is also a part of their tradition. It is a long, one piece suit usually worn by men of China for years.

An inclusion of this can enhance the sales to a great extent. While as for the feminine side, Qipaos is a kind of dress worn by the females which is similar to cheongsam. Conclusion Since the society of china is more culture oriented and are more inclined to follow their past ritual and traditions, the policy of diversity of Forever21 can play an important role. Manufacturing clothes which are linked with the Chinese culture background can enhance their market in china, keeping in mind uniformity and collectivism.

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