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Chinati Official Web Site

The Chinati Foundation, also known as ‘La Fundacion Chinati’, is a modern art museum in a remote site of former Fort D. A. Russell in Marfa, Texas. It was founded according to the principles of the late American minimalist artist Donald Judd in 1979 (Chinati Official Web Site, 2009). Nevertheless, in spite of the fact concerning the gorgeously attractive and alluring environment of such an independent, non-profit and publicly funded institution, yet, a number of critics and savants urges Chinati Foundation on serious scrutiny as to how and/or why does the center of modern art located in such an out-of-the-way location.

For a better comprehension with regard to the entire view of the institution’s founder, a limited number of artists organize the foundation in order to manipulate the whole process of transaction in a more advanced and methodological systems. Thus, the center of the contemporary art is located in such an out-of-the-way location with an aim at providing the community, particularly the Chinati Foundation with unique services from a more convenient research, assessment, evaluation, and making the outside world surprise of the rare kind of art museum in America.

As an analysis of the various collections of the 12 artists in such a modern art museum, it becomes quite easy for every individual to understand the significance of art in 1900s—the artwork images, paintings, sculptures and a variety of Romanesque or Gothic styles. One of the best examples leading every visitor into an impressive view of the art is that which concerns the various works of Donald Judd in different ways including Mill Aluminum, Concrete and the Arena.

With such fascinating works, although untitled for an unknown reason(s), one may realize the beauty and the real significance of the 1900s art for the modern era and the essence of arts, which could bring the people back to the former world of arts.


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