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Choosing to vote

Choosing to vote is an important decision in any American’s life, but it is a decision that should be made. Voting is an integral part of the American political process and a privilege not shared by the great majority of the world. Americans should chose to vote because they can. The option to democratically elect even some of our leadership is an honor that most educated people worldwide wish that they had. Secondly, Americans should choose to vote because of the consequences of not voting. Finally, it is important to vote because it lends credence to your opinions.

After all, how can you have an opinion about how things are run here if you don’t take the time to affect them. Dating back to well-before the U. S. Constitution, voting has almost always been an integral part of American history. In colonial times, democracy was much more direct with all the men gathering at a central location, usually a community church to discuss and vote on decision affecting the community. From then on, voting for representation at the state and national level has been an important part of American history.

Some history professors like to say it is the only country in the world where a bloodless revolution can take place every four years. But more importantly, the right and privilege of voting are not something shared by all of humanity. Many people worldwide do not have the freedom to voice their opinion either vocally or at the ballot box. It is important for those who have the option to exercise it. One of the most important reasons to exercise your right to vote is the potential consequences for failing to do so.

No one punishes Americans for not voting, they simply get what they vote for or what everyone else voted for. In an era of extremist politics, it would be very easy to sit back and decide that neither candidate is worth supporting. However, the more people whoa dopt that theory, the more likely it is that an extremist minority will be able to capture high elected office, maybe even the presidency. Apathy and low voter turn out make it simpler for those who would steal democracy away to do so. Only the president can declare martial law and suspend personal liberties.

Only people who vote can have an impact on who the president is. A final reason for every American to vote is that it enhances your credibility. Nothing is more frustrating than to hear someone gripe about the president or Congress and then say, “Well, I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t vote at all. ” It’s okay to be a gracious or not-so-gracious loser when you vote, but if you don’t vote, you have abdicated your political power to those who do. If you choose not to vote, why then should anyone listen to your opinion on anything.

You had an opportunity to impact it and chose not to take it. If you didn’t vote, anything you have to say about the government is like a child whining that they missed dinner because they couldn’t be bothered to stop playing long enough to come in and eat. The simple reality is that voting as an American is a right and a privilege. Too often we take those guaranteed rights for granted and do not appreciate how much our lives would be negatively impacted if those rights were not available to us. We’ve all heard the phrase use or lose it and in this case, it just might be true.

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