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Citrus magnolia fragrance

After days and days of late nights and weekends of studying so hard. I am a success! I passed my final exam in English with an “A. ” It was reading and writing. I am so excited. I was so nervous because if I didn’t pass it I couldn’t get into my nursing course. Mrs. Anderson, my teacher gave me the assignment of writing about anything I wanted. I wrote about landscaping my house with a huge colorful garden. My husband and I drove to three different nurseries, to pick up many different types of flowers. There are so many beautiful colorful flowers in the U. S. it is amazing.

I brought a book about gardening, and landscaping. I learned topiary, which is to trim a tree into a shape. I trimmed our two large trees into a huge sphere shape. My husband likes it very much. I also planted delicate pretty purple, pink, and white pansies, surrounded by my perfectly trimmed healthy, green grass. Our tall magnolia tree is trimmed and already is growing hard milky white bulbs which are just about ready to burst open with its sweet, citrus magnolia fragrance. I love that smell. I also brought a rose trellis

that stands up on the side of our house and will have roses hanging from it. My husband and I went to the nursery to get roses but couldn’t choose what color we wanted for the trellis. Roses come in red, white, pink, orange, and yellow and they all mean different things. Red means I love you, white means innocence, Pink means indecision, Orange means desire, and lastly yellow means friendship. My husband and I decided on traditional red. I love it when people come to the house and congratulate me on how beautiful the garden is. It makes me so proud. Goodnight journal, talk to you tomorrow

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