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Climate Change Affects Forest Succession

Forest succession is the process of turning a glass of abandoned land into a forest. Forest succession may happen if an external force helps the process. Men, birds and wind are the primary source of external forces. They may transport seeds from one point to another without being realized by its carrier. Forest succession may also be affected by climate and geographical positions. An incident in Wisconsin arose due to climate change. Warmer climate may cause some northern tree species to disappear.

University of Wisconsin-Madison forest ecologists have said that northern tree species may eventually disappear due to climate change and may not be quickly replaced by southern tree species due to geographical gaps. The northern trees would lessen due to less optimal conditions for living. This problem is aggravated by the slow dispersal of southern trees due to the obstacles made by nature itself. The dispersal of seed via agents of nature is considered slow and made slower when forests are fragmented by farmland and urban areas. The solution for this is to assist migration of seeds to off set the lost of northern trees.

(Science Centric) Climate change has affected much of the forests ecology. Forests are considered home for animals and source of food and wood. Losing the northern part may greatly put stress on the ecological balance. If the northern trees disappear, many critters will lose shelter and may be endangered. The natural forest succession is affected by climate changed. These findings may be a basis for issuance of laws that may help save the environment. Forests are major components of our planets ecology and losing some of it may affect the production of oxygen and most living organisms use oxygen to be able to perform metabolism.

Nature can not prevent the effects of human civilization, it is necessary for men to help nature to solve the problems posted by men. Referrence ecological succession. (2008). In Encyclop? dia Britannica. Retrieved November 15, 2008, from Encyclop? dia Britannica Online: http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/178264/ecological-succession Science Centric. (Jul 19 2008). Scattered nature of Wisconsin’s woodlands could complicate forests’ response to climate change. Retrieved Nov. 12, 2008, from http://www. sciencecentric. com/news/article. php? q=08071908

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