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Close Indian Point

1. Authority: Who is the author and what are his or her qualifications? Who is the publisher and what is the purpose of the site? Riverkeeper, Inc. is an organization with the aim of campaigning in protecting the natural habitat of human. This environmental pursuit of the group taking this endeavor fights for the closure of the Indian Point nuclear power plant which is a threat to the neighborhoods. 2. Verifiability: Are sources provided? There are no sources but the site contains reliable and related links to support the general information provided by the site.

3. Timeliness: Is the information current? When was it posted and/or last updated? The content of the site is obviously updated because it uses data and statistics which are up-to-date. Exposing the risks of the said plant, the provided contents are generally related to the purpose of the website. 4. Relevance: Does the material contain unsubstantiated generalizations? It contains substance to what its principle is. 5. Bias: Is the language emotional or inflammatory? Does the information represent a single opinion or a range of opinions?

Although the site only shows all facts about Indian Point nuclear power plant; the risk and threat it may bring to the community, it is still making sense if we view the purpose of the site. 6. Orderliness: Is the page arranged in an order that makes sense? Are underlying assumptions identifiable? Is the information consistent? Consistency with the data is supported with the provided helpful links and official websites related to the campaign of Indian Point nuclear power plant closure. Links of reports and findings are also listed in the site. 7.

Clarity: Is the information clearly stated? Does the author define important terms? The Riverkeeper organization, as the standing author of the site, clearly defines its motive of providing such information to raise the provision and awareness of people about the harm that Indian Point nuclear power plant can be brought to the community. 8. Validity: Do the facts presented support the conclusions? It is with conjunction with the main purpose of the site to prevent natural disaster due to environmental pollution as a whole and make the area suitable for human living.

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