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Cognitive Psychology

This was the universal question that conquered the universe to thought for awhile, the significance of wisdom and knowledge and with whom and how we acquire it. Questions are now arises in any part of the world even the most intelligent man would think how and how and why, when, and whom did we get such thing. The human mind and its nature had this profound question for centuries now it engage thinkers that makes the impossible to possible state in understanding the human mind, though it remains an elusive quest for the fact that there is an absence of research powerful tool to discover the full quest.

In the midst of an extraordinary outpouring of scientific works dealing with the mind and brain the world of today is now indulge to thorough and processes of learning and thinking in a neutral manner which occurs on the development of a certain competence. It had occurred for decades now that lay the significance of education. There are theories created to establish certain path to locate and find the final conquest in learning, it varies in different approaches the curriculum, teaching and assessment which can be found in school were we taught to enhance the power of our mind.

It is not so easy to travel in that path indeed but equally important. It was 30 years past by that educators pay little attention on cognitive science work from classrooms, but as for today there spending much of there time with teachers, refining and testing in the real classroom to make their theories more realistic to see the difference of interaction that influences the application. Beginning the 20th century there was a focus on literacy skill, simple reading and other acquisitions are imparted but the thing is it is not the general rule in most educational system in the process of learning.

However at the end of the century everyone are now required to negotiate the complexities of this life they must acquire higher literacy. Listed here are some of the striking varieties of research that was developed and in which evidence comes from the different science branches to converge the beginning. Developmental – young children understand the basic principles and it makes the capabilities possible that had introduce advancement in reasoning at the young age. Cognitive Psychology – this is the understanding competent nature, knowledge principles this consist of the ability of the person in a wide variety that includes science, mathematics and more.

Learning and transfer – this covered some important principles like is structuring experiences that people use to have learned in new setting. ? Neuroscience – begins evidence for a lot of principles of learning that emerge laboratory and it shows the physical structure and functional organization of the brain. ? Emerging technologies – new opportunities and development to enhance learning. ? Collaborative studies – environment learning evaluation, some educators gearing new knowledge about the learning nature and

discovering ways from the practice of wisdom. The developments in learning led to an era of the relevance of science practice, this practice focus in understanding our human mind as the basic source of knowledge, which significance was to establish the expected educational systems (see John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown and Rodney R. Cocking, How People Learn) The Mystery of Learning There are a lot of speculations about the real and the roots of learning the issue as it goes on, find its way complicated for researches have different view as well as the human kind who for the fact is the subject of the study differ in viewing learning.

According by (Carl Rogers 1983: 18 – 19) learning is insatiable curiosity that drives the adolescent boy to absorb everything he can see or read about gasoline engine in order to improve the efficiency and speed of his “cruiser”. Learning is a process and product. Learning is defined as the behavioral change it can be seen or recognize though not all changes involves learning but apparently if we see experience in some develop behavioral changes that indulge learning to be a part of it.

The thing is we use experiences in gaining some knowledge, the ability of changes are different indeed later in (1979) Saljo had formulated a research that carried out useful piece; he used a survey of young adults about their understanding on knowledge. Here are some of them (quoted Ramsden 1992:26) ? Learning knows a lot. ? Learning is reproducing stored information. ? Learning is methods and acquiring facts and skills. ? Learning gives abstracting meaning in the real world ? Learning is understanding and interpreting reality.

This shows that in there research it views learning as external as to the learners, it is believe that it can be seen and understand in the real world. And as we looked at it learning is a process ( see Mark K. Smith. , Learning Theory. , 1999, 2003 ). Conclusion We may encounter different views about learning but we are the subject and the master of our soul. Researchers have different and complex researches about it but still we as the subject of the study had our own understanding about the said issue.

Regardless of its origin and its endless end, we hold the answer where, when and how. Nowadays there is a rapid growing and faster rate of knowledge and information, we learn from home basically and as a child develop in a mother’s womb a touch is the knowledge that is surely understand by the gifted one and as it grows it is developed in anyway that can assure that there is a process and practice of learning impart. There may be different views and prospects about learning, but acquiring knowledge is the best thing we can achieve in this world that we belong.

More than ever knowledge is both participated by the subject and the mentors who develop the knowledge as well as the natural events that had imparted the basic used of knowledge. We had our own definition of learning it’s just because of simple yet complicated we are all unique as human being.

Reference: 1. John D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown and Rodney R. Cocking, How People Learn http://newton. nap. edu/html/howpeople1/ch1. html 2. Mark K. Smith. , Learning Theory, 1999, 2003 http://www. infed. org/biblio/b-learn. htm

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