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Comparison between Moses and Joshua leadership

Moses’ leadership is seen in his commitment to lead the Israelite by continuously approaching pharaoh for their release (Ex 4:29-31). Joshua on the other hand took the role of leading the Israelites to the Promised Land despite different opinions and challenges (Joshua 6:1-27). Both Moses and Joshua were very courageous and strong in their leadership. This comes out during the crossing of red sea and taking over of Joshua from Moses (Joshua 1:6-9). Moses resisted any attempts of wrong doing by the Israelite i. e. worshiping of the golden calf just like Joshua who resisted the opinion of changing the order of worship (Boadt, 288)

Moses was a team player as he took and inspired others while in the desert(19:1-16) in comparison to Joshua who assembled the Israelite whenever God had a message for them(Joshua 3:1-15). Both the leaders were firm on their word of God and this is demonstrated when Moses was commanded to observe the Sabbath(35:1-5) just like Joshua’s covenant renewal at mount Ebla as instructed in the law of Moses(8:30-32). Both the leaders handed over leadership when they realized their days were minimal, this they did in openness. This shows good service and servant leadership (Joshua 1:1-10) ;( joshua23:1-16)

Despite this good leadership quality Moses was quick to anger, this is demonstrated in his killing of the Egyptian (2:11-12) unlike Joshua who was slow to act and sensitive to opinion Moses was quick to act i. e. killing of the golden calf worshipers (32:1-27). Moses’ anger is also demonstrated when he was punished for striking the rock unlike Joshua who was very slow to anger (Perry, 122). It is from this strength in personality that God perhaps felt that Joshua was the right leader to the Israelite to the Promised Land.

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