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Computer Science

As a Computer Science major, I have had extensive experience in dealing with several popular programming and web languages such as java, C++, HTML, DHTML, Javascript, CSS and XML. My undergraduate major has also equipped me with strong analytical and computational skills. I have taken courses in various areas of Mathematics that supplement my ability to solve computer based tasks. Included among the math courses that I was able to take are discreet mathematics, differential calculus, integral calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra.

My knowledge in linear algebra has prepared me to approach any problem methodologically with a strong sense of the numbers involved in the problem to obtain the numerical objectives desired. In totality, my undergraduate experience has completely prepared me in pursuing graduate studies in Computer Science. I am well prepared with all the required academic competencies on all related subjects. Beyond this, what prepares me best for taking up graduate studies is my desire not only to learn more about my field of expertise, but to contribute in my particular area of interest in that field.

While my undergraduate experience has exposed me to certain levels of research, I am looking forward into immersing myself into that academic area even further in the graduate school. I am physically, mentally, and psychologically capable of handling the stress that accompanies academic research and I am dedicated into making my own contribution to computer science. In particular, my area of interest in the field of computer science would have to be its applications to the natural sciences and more specifically, to medicine.

During my undergraduate years, I have taken quite a few subjects in the natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, and so on. While I had not been given the opportunity to spend as much time with these subjects as with my major and mathematics subjects, I was nevertheless fascinated by the obvious present potential related to the computerization of various aspects of the said sciences. Many instruments in the natural sciences that rely greatly upon computer programming currently exist. However, there are still perceivably limitless grounds to explore.

I intend the research that I plan to do in the graduate school to be greatly connected with the field of medicine. As I am a licensed pharmacy technician with some experience working in the medical field, I have had several instances of reflection regarding the current innovations present in the said field as well as the issues regarding innovations that are still being contemplated upon. Thus, I have been able to build a strong sense of research regarding the different attempts at computerizing medical processes.

This is what I intend to bring into the graduate school. In conclusion, I submit with full confidence that I am ready to take this next step in my education. I am prepared to undergo advanced studies on the various prerequisite courses that I have taken and most of all; I am ready to enter the rigorous process of academic research where I intend to make my mark in the field of computer science by constructing computer innovations in the field of medicine.

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